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August 25 - The Boomtown DVD has been nominated for an award - The DVD Entertainment Awards. The trophies will be presented on August 30th, at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. The other nominees in the Television Series category are:
Alias: The Complete Second Season
Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete First Season
The Simpsons - The Complete Fourth Season
The West Wing: The Complete First Season

August 13 - According to Variety, Graham Yost has secured a seven-figure, two-script deal with NBC to write and executive produce several new projects. Here is the full article.

August 1 - An interesting article about Graham Yost.

July 19 - JUST A REMINDER! The first season of "Boomtown" will be released on DVD TOMORROW, July 20th!

Neal McDonough had this to say about the DVD release:
"I'm flattered to death that they actually made a Boomtown compilation because, yeah, I'm very proud of it," he said. "It was a great thing for me, and I had the opportunity to play a terrific character. That other people get to see the show for years -- wow... it's kind of overwhelming, I think....
This is a show that got canceled (early in its second season) and no one really watched that much," McDonough said. "That they're actually making a DVD collection of it, it must have been pretty good."

Also, during NBC's recent 2004 Press Tour, Jeff Zucker "admitted past mistakes, including that his moving of Boomtown last season from Sundays to Fridays was a tactical error (and one that led to the cancellation of an award-winning drama)."

May 28 - The latest news from TVShowsonDVD.comcontains the cover art for the Boomtown DVD.

May 15 - The latest from regarding the Boomtown DVDs is that it will be a five disc set, containing the first season ONLY. Although three commentaries have been recorded for the second season, those six episodes will NOT be on this DVD set.

May 9 - The latest from
    * July 20 Release Date
    * $49.98 list price
    * 6 Audio Commentaries Featuring Graham Yost, Jon Avnet, Donnie Wahlberg, Larry Andries, Chris Brancato, Bert Salke, Kevin Dunigan, Fred Golan, Neal McDonough, Fred Keller, and Mykelti Williamson.
    * Featurette: "Building Boomtown" - An inside look at the creative challenges of making the series.
    * Featurette: "The Boomtown Shuffle" - An exploration of the unique storytelling style adopted by the show.
    * 6-DVD set
    * English Dolby Digital Surround
    * Closed Captioned for the Hearing Impaired
    * Available for pre-order from, currently at $37.48.

April 17 - According to , "Boomtown" will be released in a 6-DVD package on July 20th! The special features include:
Commentary Tracks by Cast & Crew
   6 commentaries for Season 1 episodes
   3 commentaries for Season 2 episodes
2 Featurettes (titles were not named)
   One featurette about the the show itself
   Featurette about the unique way the episodes were told

February 22 - Congratulations to Neal! The International Press Academy presented their 2004 8th Annual Satellite Awards last night and Neal won for 'Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Drama'. "Boomtown" was nominated for 'Television Series, Drama', but that award went to "The Shield".
Here is the complete list of winners.

February 15 - According to , Lions Gate-Artisan is working on a DVD release of "Boomtown - The Complete Series". Currently, there is no release date, but they do have it in production.

January 18 - The Futon Critic compiled their annual list of the 50 best episodes of the past year. One episode of "Boomtown" made the list.
[38. "Boomtown: Execution" (NBC) originally aired: March 6, 2003
The last real showcase of the David McNorris character (Neal McDonough), this episode once again proved why "Boomtown" is the biggest loss of 2003. Just hours before his execution, a gangbanger tells McNorris to call off the proceedings or a cop kidnapped by his cohorts will be killed as well. And in typical "Boomtown" style the conclusion is the last thing you'd expect.]

January 16 - A new series from "Boomtown" creator Graham Yost has been picked up by ABC. From :
[Graham and Christopher Yost are the minds behind "43 Minutes," a potentially innovative drama following a SWAT team. Each episode would play out in real time over the final 43 minutes of a crisis situation.]

Also, Jon Avnet, exectutive producer of "Boomtown", will direct the pilot of "Hawaii Blue" for NBC. The ensemble drama tracks a group of detectives in Oahu, Hawaii.

January 6 - Matt Roush, TV Guide , answered a couple of questions about "Boomtown" in his most recent column:
[I figured correctly that NBC's broadcast of the leftover episodes of Boomtown would inspire a number of people to write in, and most expressed this same emotion of happiness to see the final hours, soured by an emptiness and frustration that after these episodes, that's all, folks. (Not long ago, I received an e-mail from series creator Graham Yost, who expressed that his greatest regret over the cancellation was for the stories they were prepared to tell but never got the chance to film.) For NBC to promote this four-hour "marathon" by touting its critical acclaim only underscores the cravenness of the network's program executives, who I will never be convinced truly believed in this show. It's a pretty shameful chapter in the history of a network better known now for Fear Factor, Average Joe, the debacle of Coupling and squeezing every last ounce out of Law & Order while it can.]

[Don't get your hopes up. There's a theory that NBC programmed these leftover episodes for tax purposes or some other financial year-end reason. Whatever the case, it had nothing to do with enhancing the show's reputation or stimulating interest in its future. I think it's safe to say Boomtown has gone bust for good — thanks, NBC — but if a miracle were to occur, we'd certainly report and applaud it.]

January 5 - TelevisionWeek's Semiannual Critics Poll lists the best shows on television. Last July, "Boomtown" was #2, just 10 points behind "The Wire". In today's poll, it came in tied for #18, despite airing only six episodes and undergoing major changes.
Here is the complete list.
And, here is a summary of their choices which includes the following:
[Critics also beat up NBC for canceling "Boomtown" after only two episodes in an unfriendly Friday night time slot. The show finished No. 2 in a tight race in the summer critics poll. "Too bad NBC and viewers at large couldn't get behind this superb drama," said Susan Young of The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune.]

January 4 - An NBC Press Release contains the following info:
NBC averaged a 1.7/6 in 18-49 and 5.2 million viewers overall with three hours of "Boomtown." The sophomore drama increased its rating impressively with each succeeding hour, from 8 p.m. ET (1.3/5 in 18-49, 4.5 million viewers overall), to 9 p.m. (1.8/6 in 18-49, 5.3 million viewers overall) to 10 p.m. (2.1/6 in 18-49, 5.8 million viewers overall).

* A special Sunday "Boomtown" won the 10 p.m. ET hour in all key adult demographics.
At 10 p.m. ET, a special "Boomtown" (3.2/8 in 18-49, 8.9 million viewers overall) finished #1 in 18-49, retaining a strong 89 percent of its "Criminal Intent" lead-in.

January 2 - Recent articles that mention "Boomtown".

December 23 - Robert Bianco of USA Today named "Boomtown" one of the 10 best shows of 2003:
[Boomtown (NBC). Some shows are simply too good for the network that spawns them. In better days at NBC, this beautifully performed, bracingly complex drama would still be on the air, proudly nurtured by a network that respected the show's quality and was confident in its own ability to find the show an audience. But this is today's NBC, which tinkered with Boomtown's format, threw it into an inappropriate time slot and yanked it after two weeks. And now NBC is offering three episodes as Saturday filler Dec. 27, a post-Christmas gift from TV's worst-run network.]
Here is the complete article.

December 22 - The new TV Guide (December 27 - January 2) lists the Best and Worst of 2003 - "Boomtown" is listed as the Worst Cancellation. Also, Matt Roush says the following:
[Usually when a show is yanked off the air, it's the last you see of it. But, NBC has given fans of Boomtown a treat. The network hasn't reversed its regrettable decision to cancel this superior crime drama, but the four episodes that were left unseen are being shown on December 27 (8-11 pm/ET) and 28 (at 10). Despite NBC's mandate to make the show's stories more linear and less complicated, these generally compelling episodes show that Boomtown could still pull off some startling plot twists. And though underused here, Neal McDonough as cocky deputy district attorney David McNorris remains one of TV's most electrifying characters. He's terribly missed.]

Dusty Saunders of the Rocky Mountain News, also, mentions "Boomtown" in this article .

December 19 - "Boomtown" has received two nominations for the 2004 8th Annual Satellite Awards - Television Series, Drama and Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Drama (Neal McDonough). The awards will be presented on February 21, 2004, at the St. Regis Hotel in Century City, California.

Television Series, Drama
a. Law and Order, Special Victims Unit (NBC)
b. Nip/Tuck (FX)
c. Carnivale (HBO)
d. The Shield (FX)
e. Six Feet Under (HBO)
f. Boomtown (NBC)

Actor in a supporting role in a series, Drama
a. Anthony Heald - Boston Public
b. Neal McDonough - Boomtown
c. Andy Hallett - Angel
d. Michael Rosenbaum - Smallville
e. Hill Harper - The Handler
f. Gregory Smith - Everwood
For a complete list of the nominees, go here .

December 15 - TV Gal at confined her list of the top 10 shows of 2003 to shows that are currently on the air. However, "Boomtown" received an Honorable Mention:

Show that Should Be on This List: In what I will always remember as the strangest move NBC ever pulled, "Boomtown" was brought back with oodles of fanfare about the casting of Vanessa Williams, only to be placed permanently on hiatus after two airings. But just when we thought our chance had passed, NBC went and saved the best for last. NBC brings "Boomtown" back on Dec. 27 and 28 to air the four remaining episodes. Too bad this wonderful drama is getting a send-off during the holiday week, when even the TV Gal isn't watching much TV.

December 11 - According to The Futon Critic , NBC will air the final episode, 'The Big Picture' , on Sunday, December 28th at 10:00 p.m. (ET)

December 5 - NBC has added a third episode to its "Boomtown" marathon on December 27th, 'Hole-in-the-Wall Gang' .

December 3 - According to, two NEW episodes of "Boomtown" will be shown on December 27th at 8:00 and 9:00 p.m.(ET). Here you'll find details and screen caps of the 'Wannabe' preview and this is how they describe'Haystack':

BANK ROBBERS BARRICADED IN A WESTSIDE MALL HOLD TERESA HOSTAGE - When a trio of murderous bank robbers barricade themselves inside a Westside mall taking several hostages including Teresa, Detectives Stevens, Smith and Pierce respond to the scene to end the stand-off. While Pierce attempts to talk the men down, the detectives along with the help of officer Hechler, attempt to free the hostage before the gunmen decide to continue the killing spree.

November 10 - Various articles about "Boomtown" and NBC's decision to cancel it.

November 4 - Unfortunately, "Boomtown" has been canceled. This, from
[NBC, after weeks of silence, finally confirmed that critically hailed drama "Boomtown" has been canceled.

Peacock had shut down production on "Boomtown" in late summer, saying the skein was going on hiatus for two weeks to deal with some script issues (Daily Variety, Sept. 15.) But the skein never returned, and following a couple of disappointing perfs in its new Friday slot, NBC benched the show indefinitely before finally pulling the plug.

NBC Studios and DreamWorks had produced six episodes of the show for this season, but just two segs aired. While critics raved about the show's unique storytelling style, the skein proved a tougher sell to auds. NBC Entertainment prexy Jeff Zucker also seemed to lack the passion for the show that crix expressed, and requested producers make episodes of the skein more close-ended and less complex.]

October 29 - Still NO official announcement from NBC regarding the future of "Boomtown". Sources close to the show say the decision will be made soon, hopefully this week. In the meantime, please continue writing, emailing and calling NBC at the addresses and telephone numbers listed below. Also, the Save Boomtown Website has added a Guestbook. All entries will be forwarded to NBC.

October 21 - NBC has delayed their final decision regarding "Boomtown's" future until next Monday, October 27th. NOW is definitely the time to let the network know how you feel about the show. Please continue calling, writing and emailing them, using the addresses and telephone numbers listed below.

October 16 - Various articles about "Boomtown's" dilemma.
The latest news from inside sources:
On Monday, October 20th, NBC will decide the show's fate. If you can, please call the numbers below and send letters, postcards, and emails to the following addresses:
Jeff Zucker
c/o NBC Studios
Administration Building
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523

Viewer Relations
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

October 10 - An article about "Boomtown's" problems.

October 8 - A great article by Matt Roush of TV Guide:
How obvious is it that NBC never believed in Boomtown in the first place? Winner of an American Film Institute citation and several Television Critics Association awards among other accolades, this superb crime drama has been on the ropes at least since NBC shelved it last February to make room for the ambitious but ultimately unsuccessful Kingpin. The show barely eked out a renewal for a second season, and was rewarded with what was clearly an inhospitable new time period on Fridays at 10 pm/ET. Plus the network insisted the show's creators tone down the elements that made Boomtown distinctive: most notably, the often haunting and complex multiple perspectives that embued the stories with ambiguous human shadings. More challenging and thus never destined to be as popular as your run-of-the-mill Law & Order: Whatever franchise, Boomtown would have been toast if not for the prestige it brought to the network.
The writing was on the wall even before the second season got underway, with predictably puny ratings. NBC shut down production of the show for several weeks when it was clear the show's writers were attempting even a modest multi-episode story arc for sweeps. Boomtown was always too smart for this network's taste.
And now, after just two episodes, Boomtown is gone. Officially on hiatus, perhaps to return to a new time period, a new night, if one can be found. But don't hold your breath. Sweeps are just around the corner, and Boomtown surely isn't in NBC's playbook right now.
As for the show's quality: The first episode was substandard, most critics and many viewers agreed, but the second episode was back to Boomtown's brilliant form: a showcase for the series' breakout star, Neal McDonough as self-destructive District Attorney David McNorris, and Stacy Keach as his alcoholic, emotionally abusive father.
Part of me thinks the best thing that could happen to Boomtown is for it to disappear altogether before NBC alters it so drastically we might forget what made it so special in the first place. But it's hard to let such a gem go easily, especially at a time when the current TV crime glut is full of so many less distinguished shows. (Guess I'll have to content myself with those BBC America imports.)

October 7 - "Boomtown" was scheduled to resume production today, but NBC has decided the show will remain on hiatus for another two weeks.
According to Variety:
["Boomtown" went on hiatus last month for what was supposed to be a two-week break. Hiatus is now expected to last a month. Because NBC produces "Boomtown" (with Peacock-based DreamWorks), it wouldn't be difficult for the net to trim the show's production order back.
"Crossing Jordan" is on the bench as a midseason backup and could easily slide into a Friday slot. Still, a strong contingent within NBC believes the network should remain patient and allow "Boomtown" to find an audience. Latter skein's fate could hinge on how the rest of NBC's sked performs.]

October 6 - In the new TV Guide (Oct. 11-17), they list "Boomtown" in the section '21 Good Reasons To Stay Home This Week'. There's a pic of Jason Gedrick (one of NBC photos from last year) and this is what it says:
[Howard Hesseman is a seedy Hollywood producer implicated in the disappearance of starlet Virginia Madsen. It's a mystery that haunts Officer Turcotte as he works the case.]
They also spotlight the episode, 'The Big Picture', on Friday night with a small pic of Hesseman and say this:
[Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati, Head of the Class) breaks from his genial sitcom image to play a seedy producer who's implicated in the mysterious disappearance of a desperate, wannabe Hollywood star (Virginia Madsen). Particularly troubled by the case is Officer Turcotte, whose intensely personal involvement worries Detective Pierce. As she tells Turcotte, "The hardest part for me, for all good cops, is walking that fine line between being invested and being objective. Because once you cross over, it's pretty hard to find your way back."]

October 3 - The second episode of "Boomtown's" new season, 'Inadmissable', is TONIGHT. After the show, please send an email to and if you can, please call and leave a message for Jeff Zucker at 818-840-2542. Thanks!

October 2 - Robert Bianco of USA Today reviews tomorrow night's episode, 'Inadmissable'.

September 29 - According to, the release date for the "Boomtown" DVD has been changed to November 3rd.

September 28 - An interesting article about "Boomtown".

September 26 - The second season of "Boomtown" premieres TONIGHT with the episode, 'For Love of Money'.

September 25 - The NBC Media Village has added three new photos from the second season. You'll find them here.

September 24 - The new TV Guide (Sept. 27-Oct. 3) lists "Boomtown" as one of "25 Good Reasons To Stay Home This Week". It gives a synopsis of the show's second new episode, 'Inadmissable'.
[Stacy Keach guest-stars as the estranged father of Deputy D.A. David McNorris (Neal McDonough). The DDA, just out of rehab, doesn't relish the tense family reunion.]

September 23 - Help! Boomtown

September 19
- Here is an article about Philip Giffen, composer of "Boomtown's" theme music. Excerpts from the article:
[...he(Giffen) also wrote a musical score for individual episodes, and that job is no longer his. Giffin blames NBC Entertainment President Jeff Zucker for his being dropped by the show, as well as for more general changes in the series. Zucker's support for the series had appeared tepid, especially in contrast with his enthusiasm for another new NBC drama, American Dreams. "They're going to make it like Law & Order," Giffin lamented.]

September 16 - has new information on the Fall's Returning Favorites. Here is what they said about "Boomtown". It includes the following quote:
["Our feeling is that Fridays at 10, people are already a bit looped," Yost says, "so they'll be able to figure out the show fine. They're already seeing things non-linearly."]

September 15 - According to Variety, "Boomtown" will take an unscheduled two-week production hiatus once filming on the show's sixth episode of season two wraps later this week.
[BOOM BREAK: Production on NBC's Boomtown is shutting down for two weeks so producers can redo Episodes Six and Seven, Variety reports. The installments had originally been designed as a two-part arc, but NBC allegedly asked producers to make them stand-alone episodes instead. Says exec producer Graham Yost: "A determination was made that, given the level of sampling that goes on in the fall, it was maybe better if all our [early] episodes were stand-alone... in case people didn't see the episode from a week before."]

Also, the new TV Guide (Sept. 20-26) features the returning series. This is what they said about "Boomtown":
WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Promotion-hungry officer Tom Turcotte (Jason Gedrick) turned out to be the snitch for the internal-affairs investigation into the death of Det. Joel Stevens' (Donnie Wahlberg) baby daughter. McNorris (Neal McDonough) finally entered alcohol rehab.
SIMPLER AND LIGHTER: The style of telling stories from various characters' viewpoints will be used much more sparingly. Look for fewer depressing plots: "No more suicidal wives and dead babies," says executive producer Graham Yost.
CRIME SCENES: Paramedic Teresa Ortiz (Lana Parrilla) becomes a cop, and gets entangled with the married Stevens.
THE GUEST LIST: Stacy Keach plays McNorris' alcoholic father. Vanessa Williams signs on as a detective. Rebecca De Mornay and Kelly Hu will hook up as lesbian jewel thieves.
MATT ROUSH'S TAKE: Becoming more mainstream is a wise defense mechanism for this distinguished and underappreciated show.

September 14 - The creative arts Emmy Awards were presented last night. Unfortunately, "Boomtown" did not win its sole nomination for Main Title Theme Music. That award went to "Monk". You'll find the complete list of winners here.

September 13 - The current issue of Entertainment Weekly contains its Fall TV Preview. This is what they said about "Boomtown":
"It's all-singing, all-dancing," jokes creator Graham Yost. "We're doing Cop Rock." Not really, but the sophomore crime drama welcomes singer-dancer Vanessa Williams for at least 10 episodes. She plays an LAPD superior who clashes with detectives Joel (Donnie Wahlberg) and Fearless (Mykelti Williamson). "My first scene, I'm yelling at them, barking out orders because they screwed up my surveillance that I've been working six months on," says Williams. "I've played a cop in Shaft, Light It Up, and T.J. Hooker back in the day. So I'm used to brandishing weapons." Rebecca DeMornay and Kelly Hu appear in the opener as jewel thieves, and Stacy Keach will guest as the father of fresh-out-of-rehab deputy DA David McNorris (Neal McDonough). Lana Parrilla's Teresa Ortiz will switch jobs from paramedic to cop, and Nina Garbiras (who played journalist, Andrea Little) has left the show. "It was hard to work in the reporter all the time," explains Yost. "I didn't want to have her just standing behind the police tape with a notepad."

September 12 - The October issue of "Stuff" magazine has photos and a small Q&A with all the guys from "Boomtown". You can access them here.

September 11 - Good news for British fans! The entire first season of "Boomtown" will be released on DVD on October 20th. You can pre-order it here. (Please note this is for Region 2 DVD players ONLY.)

September 3 - An article in USA Today by Robert Bianco talks about the returning shows:
[It's do-or-die time for Boomtown.
This fabulous first-year drama ended its season as TV's best series, though you'd never know it from the ratings or from the tepid support it received from its network.
Still, the show is back, and with a few changes, including the addition of Vanessa Williams and the elimination of some of the harder-to-follow flourishes. Let's hope viewers follow the show to Friday.]

September 2 - An article at TV Guide Online about Vanessa Williams.

Also, in the new TV Guide (Sept. 6-12), there's a small blurb about "Boomtown" and a photo of Kelly Hu and Rebecca DeMornay:
[RISKY BUSINESS: Boomtown is looking to pump up its ratings the old-fashioned way - by featuring some girl-on-girl action! In the September
26 season premiere, Rebecca DeMornay and "X-Men" mutant Kelly Hu guest-star as a pair of jewel thieves. Look for the ladies to share a steamy shower scene and - if it makes it to air - a hot kiss! Rumor has it new cast member Vanessa Williams gets in on the action too. Somewhere a Spike TV exec laments, "Dang, why didn't I think of that?"]

August 27 - An NBC Press Release about "Boomtown's" ratings in its
new Friday night timeslot.
[At 10 p.m. ET, “Boomtown” (2.3/8 in 18-49, 7.1 million viewers overall) scored its strongest Friday numbers to date. In its three weeks on the Friday schedule, “Boomtown” has steadily increased its retention of
the hour’s 18-49 lead-in from “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” from
74 percent to 77 percent to 82 percent.]

August 15 - NBC continues to make changes to their schedule.
For the latest info, check out their site. And please vote in the
poll they have up regarding "Boomtown".

August 11 - NBC has changed their schedule. According to
and the NBC Media Village, they will NOT be showing episodes of
"Boomtown" on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. They WILL
show 'The David McNorris Show' on Friday, August 15th and 'Home
Invasion' on August 22nd.

August 9 - Another article about "Boomtown".

August 8 - An interesting article about "Boomtown".

August 4 - "Boomtown" will return to NBC this Friday, August 8th,
at 10:00 p.m. (ET). Also, according to the new TV Guide (August 9-15),
NBC will show additional episodes on Wednesday and Thursday of
next week (August 13th and 14th). See Calendar at left for details.

July 29 - An article about Vanessa Williams.

July 28 - Another article about the changes being made to "Boomtown".

July 28 - Some major changes to "Boomtown" this fall:
[Tone-tweaking was also discussed at NBC's subsequent session on
Friday, for "Boomtown." Although that show was much-honored for
quality (including two Television Critics Association Awards last week),
it so struggled to find Sunday- night viewers that the show's renewal
was a last- second decision. Creator Graham Yost had intended to tell stories about Los Angeles crime from multiple points-of-view involving reporters, paramedics and politicians, but "as the year went by," he
said, "we really realized it was a cop show."
The second season adds Vanessa Williams as a police detective "who's
got clout," the actress said, while the first season's female reporter regular has been dropped and Lana Parrilla's paramedic will enter the police academy. Yost insisted it wasn't the network's doing. "It was us finding
out the best way to tell a story."
"Boomtown" repeats, being "repurposed" this summer on drama-oriented cabler TNT (Monday at 10); it will return to NBC Aug. 8 in the show's new fall time slot. "Friday at 10 has a history on NBC -'Homicide,' 'Miami Vice,' 'Law & Order: SVU,'" Yost said. "We fit into that tradition, so it's just more comfortable." Fall's first three episodes will feature guest star Stacy Keach as father to Neil McDonough's district attorney, along with Kelly Hu and Rebecca DeMornay playing jewel thieves.]
The complete article

July 25 - One photo of the cast from the NBC Summer Press Tour has
been added to the NBC Media Village site. This is what Jeff Zucker had
to say about "Boomtown":
"Obviously, I don't think Boomtown is going to be SVU. But I have confidence in that show and I think that the rest of the night will continue
to be in very good shape. Dateline has been the No. 1 show on Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. for five years in a row now. So there's no reason to believe that's going to change. And I believe that Miss Match at 8:00 p.m.
is the perfect fit for that time period. So I actually feel quite good about Friday nights, although I acknowledge at this stage of its life that Boomtown is not SVU."
Here is the complete article.

July 24 - According to the NBC Media Village, Vanessa Williams'
character on "Boomtown" will be named Katherine Pierce. They
have also added her biography.

July 23 - "Boomtown" will return to NBC on Friday, August 8th at
10:00 p.m. (ET). The episode is 'Insured by Smith and Wesson'.

July 22 - The second season of "Boomtown" will premiere on Friday, September 26th.

July 21 - Graham Yost's reaction to TCA win and Emmy snub:
[The timing of the presentation, within days of the announcement
of the year's Emmy nominations, is not entirely accidental — the
TCA prides itself on celebrating shows and actors that the Emmys
tend to overlook. Hence, the double Boomtown win — a show that
has been all but ignored by Emmy voters, with a single nomination
this year for, of all things, its opening theme.
"Frankly, we're disappointed," said Boomtown creator Graham
(son of Elwy) Yost of the Emmy snub. "But this means more. Okay,
I'm just saying that ... but it will mean a lot on Emmy night, when
I'm there in my tux, just sitting at home ...
"Seriously, though, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the television
critics. Throughout the season, it was really those reviews that kept
us going. And all the people at the network who championed us,
and kept putting your reviews on (NBC entertainment president) Jeff Zucker's desk, until he got really annoyed."]

July 20 - Congratulations to the cast and crew of "Boomtown"!
The Television Critics Association presented the show two awards: Outstanding New Program and Outstanding Achievement in Drama.
In the latter category, the other nominees were "The Shield", "Six
Feet Under", "The Sopranos", "24" and "The Wire"! "Boomtown" was
also nominated for two awards that it did NOT win - Program of the
Year which went to "American Idol" and Individual Achievement in
Drama (Neal McDonough) which was won by Edie Falco ("The Sopranos"). For the complete list of winners, go here.

July 17 - Congratulations to Phillip Giffen! He received "Boomtown's"
only Emmy nomination for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music.
The other nominees are: "Everwood", "Miracles", "Monk" and "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!". You'll find the complete list of nominations, here.

July 16 - According to NBC Studio Pass, "Boomtown" will be
returning to NBC within the next few weeks. No details regarding
the day or time period, yet.

July 10 - More Emmy predictions from TV Gal at
She thinks "Boomtown", Donnie Wahlberg and Neal McDonough
should receive Emmy nominations.

July 9 - A quote from Graham Yost about the Emmy buzz:
[To be sure, though, "Boomtown" creator Graham Yost is not too
proud to beg -- or bribe.
"I'm spending as much money as I can to buy votes," he quips.
"You'd be surprised what a couple of fives pressed into the right
palms can do for you.
"Seriously, it's incredibly flattering in our first season just to even
hear our name associated with things like Emmys," Yost adds. "I
wish I could tell you I have unbridled confidence in it."]
For the complete article.

July 7 - In the semi-annual TelevisionWeek's critics poll, "Boomtown"
came in second behind "The Wire". Go here for the full story.

July 2 - Screencaps of "The Pilot" episode have been added to the
site. You'll find links to them on the "Photos" page.

July 1 - If you would like to see the first season of "Boomtown" released
on DVD, go to and let them know of your interest. There
is no obligation to buy anything.

June 17 - "Boomtown" has received a Humanitas Prize nomination
for the “Fearless” episode - teleplay by Graham Yost and story by
Graham Yost & Mykelti Williamson. Since 1974, the Humanitas Prize
has bestowed prizes and prize money to television and motion picture writers whose work honestly explores the complexities of the human experience and sheds light on the positive values of life. The awards
will be presented at a luncheon on Thursday, July 10 at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Universal City, Calif.

June 16 - Robert Bianco of USA Today compiled a list of shows and
actors that he thinks should receive Emmy nominations. He named "Boomtown" for Best Drama, Donnie Wahlberg for Best Actor and
Neal McDonough for Best Supporting Actor. The complete article
[Boomtown (NBC) The season's best series wasn't just interested in
leading its cops to a solution. It tried to lead them — and us — to
the truth.
Donnie Wahlberg (Boomtown) Genuinely heroic as a good man with
a guilty conscience, Wahlberg held Boomtown together.
Neal McDonough (Boomtown) One of the season's true breakout stars, McDonough was brilliant as a district attorney succumbing to all of
his worst impulses.]

June 4 - "Boomtown" has received four nominations from the annual
TV Critics Association Awards - Program of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Drama, Outstanding New Program of the Year,
and Individual Achievement in Drama (Neal McDonough). The TCA
Awards will be handed out Saturday, July 19th, at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Wanda Sykes is scheduled to host the ceremony.
For a complete list of nominees, go here .

June 4 - TV Guide Online put together a list of actors they would like
to see nominated for the Emmy Awards this year. Both Donnie Wahlberg and Neal McDonough were named in the 'Outstanding Supporting
Actor in a Drama Series' category. For the complete article, go here .
[Neal McDonough, Boomtown: D.A. David McNorris may be the most
obnoxious tube good guy this side of Xander Berkeley's 24 alias, but
if there's one thing he believes in, it's justice. That said, there is but
one way that the Academy could see that justice is served: Give a
nod to the guy who plays him.
Donnie Wahlberg, Boomtown: The haunted look in Joel Stevens's
eyes never lets us forget that if we were to walk a mile in this cop's
shoes, we'd get a broken heart, as well as sore feet. So our hats off to Marky Mark's big bro, who has taken pains — and we do mean pains —
to make this average Joel extraordinary.]

May 30 - Let's spread the word about "Boomtown" being on TNT! Because...
[The debut of NBC's cop drama "Boomtown" on TNT was a bust,
according to The Hollywood Reporter. Despite having the highest-
rated episode ever of "Law & Order" on TNT as a lead-in, Boomtown's cable premiere registered a below average rating in it's Monday
at 10 pm timeslot. A TNT spokesman blamed little time for promotion,
as a deal to air the struggling show was just reached last week.]

Congratulations, Lana! Lana Parrilla (Teresa Ortiz) won an Imagen
Award last night for Best Supporting Actress in Television.

May 24 - A great article about Graham Yost and "Boomtown".

May 22 - "Boomtown" will be on TNT, beginning Monday, May 26th
at 10:00 p.m.(ET). TNT will air all of the first season on successive
Mondays throughout the summer. It will also run second-season
episodes of the series shortly after they debut on NBC. Check out
TNT's site for "Boomtown's" schedule.

May 12 - "Boomtown" has been renewed! NBC officially announced
today that the show will be on Friday nights at 10:00 p.m.(ET) this
fall. According to the LA Times: "Oh dear Lord," said Graham Yost,
on getting the good news. "Thank you for this vote of confidence, for
giving us this chance," added Jon Avnet.

May 10 - According to "inside sources", "Boomtown" has been RENEWED
for a second season of 22 episodes! The official announcement will
be made by NBC on Monday, May 12th.

May 7 - Actress-singer Vanessa Williams has signed a deal to star in
10 episodes of "Boomtown", should the show be picked up for a second season. According to industry sources, "Boomtown's" pickup prospects
are looking better". Speculative NBC schedules making the rounds Wednesday had the series staying in its current Sunday 10 p.m. berth
or possibly moving to 9 p.m. Friday.