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September, 2002 - December, 2003

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Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg was born in Boston, Massachussetts, on August 17, 1969.  His full name is Donald Edmond Wahlberg, Jr.  He grew up in the rough Boston neighborhood of Dorchester in a family of nine children.  At the age of 14, he helped form the hugely successful band, 'New Kids on the Block'.  The last time the band performed was in 1994 and Donnie then set out on an acting career.  A key supporting role in "Ransom" (1996), followed by a brief but powerful performance in "The Sixth Sense" (1999) led to a starring role in HBO's "Band of Brothers" (2001). He and his wife, Kim Fey, have two sons, Xavier and Elijah.

Donnie portrays Detective Joel Stevens, a role especially written for him by "Boomtown" creator, Graham Yost.

On the surface, Detective Joel Stevens has a picture-perfect life.  Everything comes easy to him - an empathetic and idealistic cop, his rise in the ranks of the police department has generated envy and resentment. He's happily married and has a beautiful little boy. But, largely unknown by his fellow officers and friends, his wife (Kelly) attempted suicide after the death of their second child and continues to suffer from depression. Determined to stand by her, he still finds himself attracted to another woman (Teresa Ortiz).

Donnie describes Joel:

"Joel is as close to perfect on the outside as one can be. Heís smart, gifted, and professional. All of his flaws are hidden, and the challenge for him is to keep them hidden. My challenge as an actor is to communicate the struggle underneath the perfection, and to find the moments where Joelís internal flaws are glimpsed by the audience. Itís certainly the most challenging role Iíve had so far."

''I'm always playing a messed-up character.  Joel is messed up, but nobody knows it. His wife is suffering from severe postpartum depression and is blaming me because my character is really, really dedicated to the job. Our baby died, which is sad."

"It's always going to be challenging to play this character because he's not the jolly, jokey guy. He has layers. I think you'll see more sides of him in time that will always be surprising because you never know where he's going to come from.''
Screen captures of Donnie:
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Season 2
Episode #  1 - The Love of Money
Episode #  2 - Inadmissible

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