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September, 2002 - December, 2003

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Gary Basaraba

Gary Basaraba was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on March 16, 1959. Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, he always knew he wanted to become an actor. After graduating from high school, he worked in a steel mill until he was accepted by Yale University School of Drama as a special student, without the usual requisite undergraduate degree. He was the only Yale Drama School student ever to play on the rugby team. After graduating from Yale in 1982, Basaraba moved to New York City. His first professional acting role was in Louis Malle's "Alamo Bay". His movie credits include "No Mercy", "The Last Temptation of Christ", "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Unfaithful". He, also, starred in Steven Bochco's short-lived television series "Brooklyn South".

Gary portrays Los Angeles Police Officer Ray Hechler, a P-3, Field Training Officer.

Veteran police officer Ray Hechler's tendency to bend the rules, combined with his former partner's criminal activities, have curtailed his advancement in the police department. He harbors a deep animosity towards DDA David McNorris, who headed the investigation into the Vista Heights police corruption scandal. Loquacious to a fault, his resentment of the "brass" is partially hidden by a sarcastic, yet jovial attitude. He dotes on his wife, Cherie, who is a former dancer.

Gary describes Ray:

"It's an evolving thing...He's an experienced officer, he's been around, he's had trouble with authority within the department. He certainly believes in being a cop and doing the right thing but he also believes in being practical about it and applying it to everyday life."


Screen captures of Gary: 
Season 1
Episode #  1 - Pilot
Episode #  3 - The Squeeze
Episode #  4 - Reelin' in the Years

Episode #  5 - All Hallow's Eve
Episode #  7 - Insured by Smith and Wesson
Episode #  8 - Crash
Episode #  9 - The David McNorris Show
Episode #17 - Blackout
Episode #18 - Lost Child

Season 2
Episode # 1 - The Love of Money
Episode # 2 - Inadmissible

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