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September, 2002 - December, 2003

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Nina Garbiras

Nina Garbiras was born in New York City on September 9th, and grew up in New York and San Francisco. After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Santa Clara, she studied classical French theater at L’Ecole de Claude Mathieu in Paris. Her acting career began on the stage in Paris and London. After appearing in the films "Mixing Nia", "You Can Count On Me" and "Bruiser", she starred in two short-lived television series, "The Street" and "Leap Years". She lives in New York with her Jack Russell terrier.  

Nina portrays reporter, Andrea Little.

Andrea Little is a cynical, tough-talking reporter for the Los Angeles Tribune. She is independently wealthy after inheriting a large trust fund from her Grandfather Little. Estranged from her alcoholic father, she began using her mother's maiden name after her parents divorced. She, recently, ended a six-month affair with a married man (David McNorris).

Nina describes Andrea:

"I’m attracted to Andrea because she’s smart, articulate, and headstrong – which makes her an interesting character to play."

Screen captures of Nina: 
Season 1
Episode #  1 - Pilot
Episode #  3 - The Squeeze
Episode #  4 - Reelin' in the Years

Episode #  5 - All Hallow's Eve
Episode #  7 - Insured by Smith and Wesson
Episode #  8 - Crash
Episode #  9 - The David McNorris Show
Episode #17 - Blackout

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