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September, 2002 - December, 2003

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Sound Clips

Episode #1 - Pilot

 1.  Concrete Drainage Ditch (Mr. LaFontaine)
 2.  Marian Who? (David McNorris)
 3.  Why Are We Here? (David and Andrea)
 4.  Thanks for the Question (David)
 5.  I was Digressing (Ray, Fearless and Joel)
 6.  Vista Heights Money (Ray and Joel)
 7.  Bye-Bye (Andrea and Tom)
 8.  Fully Insured (Ray)
 9.  For Your Lady (Ray)
10.  Sewer Spill (Ray and Tom)
11.  Dip in the River (Fearless and Tom)
12.  Living the Dream (Fearless)
13.  Little Death (Fearless and Joel)
14.  Not You, Baby (Joel)
15.  What's Wrong with You? (Joel)
16.  How's Your Wife? (Teresa and Joel)
17.  Whoosh (David)
18.  Wave Story (Fearless)

Episode #5 - All Hallow's Eve
 1.  Beep (Joel talking to Fearless on his cell phone while trick-or-treating with Willie)
 2.  I Hate Your Job (Joel and his son, Willie)
 3.  Teresa's Prayer
 4.  Take Back the Night
(Ray and Tom)
 5.  Nigel Hufnel (Ray and Tom)
 6.  Fearless' List (Fearless and Andrea)
 7.  Rich Girl Whine (Andrea)
 8.  Gullible Cynic (David and Andrea)
 9.  Knock and Grab (David and Andrea)
10.  My Wife (David and Andrea) 
11.  About a Horse (David and Marian)
12.  Bus Movie (David and Marian)
13.  Bleah! (David and Marian)

Episode #9 - The David McNorris Show

 1.  A Gun in the Refrigerator (David and Andrea)
 2.  David's Dead (David and Andrea)
 3.  Expendable Income (Ray and Tom)
 4.  Slime Line (David and Ray)
 5.  I Don't Work Solo (Fearless and David)
 6.  Make the Wife Happy (David and Ray)
 7.  When He's on Fire (Joel and Fearless)
 8.  Nasty Habits Die Hard (David and Andrea)
 9.  Answer to the People (David and Andrea)
10.  Hero Cops (Ray)
11.  Give Them a Big Tip (David)
12.  When You're Driving (Joel and Willie)
13.  The Direct Approach (Joel and David)