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                      On NBC

September, 2002 - December, 2003

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"We live in a culture of fear ---
Fear of what's beyond our borders
and fear of what's inside them.
We like these characters because
we like the idea that there are people
who can handle themselves in the
most difficult situations.
They know what to do, and they'll take care of it."
                                    GRAHAM YOST, CREATOR OF "BOOMTOWN"


Donnie Wahlberg
as Joel Stevens

Neal McDonough
as David McNorris

Mykelti Williamson
as Bobby 'Fearless' Smith

Jason Gedrick
as Tom Turcotte

Gary Basaraba
as Ray Hechler

Lana Parrilla
as Teresa Ortiz

Nina Garbiras
as Andrea Little

Vanessa Williams
as Katherine Pierce