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Detective Joel Stevens and his wife, Kelly, are taking their son, Willie, trick-or-treating.
Joel:  How did you do, Champ?
Willie shows Joel the contents of his bag:  Score!
Joel:  Yeah!  Go show your Mom.
Willie:  Look, Mom!
Kelly:  Good work, Honey!
Joel's cell phone rings:  Hello.  You have reached the voice mail for Detective Joel Stevens.  If you need help, you can call Joel's partner, Detective Fearless Bobby Smith, who said he was not going to bother Joel tonight.  Beep...I'm trick-or-treating with Willie and Kelly...Willie, can I give some of your candy to Fearless?
Willie:  Noooo.
Joel:  No?
Kelly:  Willie!
Joel:  Sorry, no candy.  What's up?...When?...Yeah...Yeah, okay.  (He hangs up the phone.)
Joel:  Do you think you've got enough there, Sport?
Willie:  No way!
Joel:  Well, I think it's going to have to be enough.
Willie:  Why?
Joel:  Because something bad has happened to a friend...
Willie:  To Fearless?
Joel:  No, not Fearless.  Somebody else.  And your Dad has to go see if he can help.
Willie:  I hate your job.
Joel:  I know you do.
Kelly:  I'll take him the next block.
Joel:  No.  No, he's had enough.
Willie:  No, I haven't!
Kelly:  I'll take him the next block.
Joel:  Are you sure?
Willie:  Yeah.  One more block!
Kelly:  Yeah.  Yeah, I'm sure.
Joel to Kelly:  Okay.  
Joel to Willie:  All right, you have fun, all right?
Joel kisses Kelly:  Bye.  Be careful.
He walks away and Kelly calls out to him:  Hey, Joel!  Who's the friend?
Joel:  What?
Kelly:  The friend in trouble.
Joel:'s a paramedic.  Don't worry, okay?  Bye!

David and Marian arrive at a Halloween party.  "Werewolves of London", by Warren Zevon, is playing in the background.  A woman, dressed as a French maid, greets them at the door.
with French accent:  Ooh, Monsieur, Madame, but you are not in zee costume.
David:  Sure we are.  You see, I am dressed up as a lawyer.
Imposseeble.  You are tres, tres handsome for a lawyer, no?
Marian:   Hmm.
David to Marian:  She's got a point.
Marian:  Hmmmm.
Maid:  Voila!  Your thoughtful host has provided zee masks for his guests who were unable to come in costume.
Marian:  Do we have to?
Maid, dropping the fake French accent:  Please.  He gets really pissed when people don't play along.
David, reaches out and takes the masks:  No problem.
Maid:  Fine.  (Then, with French accent, she gestures them inside:  Merci!)
David:  Thank you very much.
Marian:  Merci.
David, looking around the elaborately decorated mansion:  Man, look at this stuff.  Ohhhh, my!
Marian:  David, what are we doing here?
David to Marian:  What we're always doing here.
David to another guest:  Hi!
Marian:  Do you even know what movies he's done?
David to Marian:  Honey, the only movie of his that I care about is the 30 second one he does three years from now...
David to waitress, as he accepts a glass of champagne and hands it to Marian:  Thank you very much.
David finishes his sentence to Marian:  ...that's going to make everyone believe that they would be absolutely insane to vote  for anyone else, but me, for DA.
Marian:  He did that bus movie.
David:  Oh, God!
Marian:  And his latest one is called "Killer Outfit".  It's one where all the clothes have minds and they start killing people.
David to Marian:  Clothes that kill...
David to another waitress:  No, thanks.  I don't drink.
David to Marian:  Check Revelations.  I think it's a sign of the Apocalypse.
Marian:  It made over a 100 mil.
David:  A hundred mil?  Listen to you.  You've been away from home way too long.
Marian:  Oh, you want to go back?  Do you think you can settle for being the mayor of Dorchester, now?
In a mirror, David sees the reflection of a woman, wearing a mask, walking up the stairs:  Uh...sometimes, I wonder....Honey, I have to see a man about a horse.
Marian just looks at him.
David:  At least, I didn't say I have to go drain the snake...Which I just did...
Marian:  Yeah, you did.
David:  Sorry.  I'm sorry, I'm just going to go...
Marian watches as David walks up the stairs.

David approaches the masked woman he saw in the mirror:  I'd know that walk anywhere.
Woman, with a British accent:  Do I know you, Sir?
David:  ....Sorry...I thought you were someone else.
He starts to walk away and Andrea removes the mask.
Andrea:  David, for a cynic, you're so gullible.
David reaches out and takes her arm:  Come here.
Andrea:  Why?
David:  I need to talk to you.
Andrea:  About what?
David:  Please!

They enter a nearby room.
David:  Look...(He and Andrea look around and realize the room is decorated as a morgue.) haven't returned my phone calls.
Andrea:  I told you I needed some time.
David:  Some time?  Okay...uh...How have you been?
Andrea:  Good.
David:  You look good.
Andrea:  Hunh...thanks.
As she walks further into the room, a corpse on a stretcher suddenly pops up:  Bleaaaah!
Andrea yelps.
David:'s animatronic.
Andrea:  Really?  I thought they paid an actor to open up his chest.
David:  Miss Little, are we done?  Because 'I need some time' is usually code for 'so long, sucker'.
Andrea:  I don't think anyone would ever take you for a sucker, David.
David:  Hunh...but we are done?
Andrea:  I'm wasting my time.  You're never going to leave your wife...even if I wanted you to.
David:  Do I have any say in this matter or is it that when you say it's over, it's over?
Andrea:  That's generally how it works.  It's not a contract that we have to negotiate our way out of.
David:  Really?  I thought we did have a contract.  You write about me; I give you information before anyone else.
Andrea:  Look...
David:  Ohhhh, I see.  You want to maintain that part of the relationship - our little quid pro quo.
Andrea:  We have both benefited from it!
David:  We both benefited from the sex, too.
Andrea:  Yeah, some more than others.
David:  Oh, don't!  We both know I knocked your frilly little socks off.  Look, we can go back to the way the relationship was - the politician and the reporter scratching each other's back.  But, at some point, that scratching of each other's back turns into biting each other's neck and grabbing the old headboard.
Andrea:  Which leads to grabbing each other by the throat and squeezing.
David:  You think I planned this?  Do you think I want to be the kind of man who cheats on his wife?  Look, my father...uhmmm...I have a wife downstairs.  She is the most beautiful, most passionate, smartest and funniest woman I have ever met.
Andrea:  What am I?
David:  You?  You're you...and I can't help myself.  And neither can you.  So, I need you to tell me that you don't want me.
Andrea:  Oh, I want you, David.  Sometimes, I want to shoot other drivers on the freeway.  It doesn't mean I have to do it.
David slams his hand on a table:  That's not what I'm saying.  Look in my eyes and tell me you don't want me.
Andrea:  Why?
David:  Because I'm addicted to you...just like a junkie's addicted to a bag of dope.  I'm powerless.  And I don't like that.  So...if you want this to be over, I really need it to be over.
Andrea's beeper goes off.  She looks at it and says:  An ambulance has been hijacked.  I have to go.
She walks to the door.
David:  Excuse me?  Are we done here?
Andrea stops and turns around:  We're done. (She leaves the room.)

David goes downstairs and walks over to the bar.
David:  Bartender, you got a Jameson's back there?
Bartender:  We sure do.
David:  A double.  Neat.
Bartender:  Actually, we're only allowed to pour singles.
David:  Then pour one for me, one for my friend, then pour one for her friend.
Bartender pours the drinks:  There you go.
David:  Thank you.
Bartender:  You're welcome.
David tosses back the shots, one after the other.
Bartender:  Drowning some sorrows?
David:  On the contrary, I'm celebrating.
Bartender:  And what are we celebrating?
David:  I just kicked a habit.

Teresa is in the back of the ambulance saying a prayer.  She's holding two small photographs - one is her mother, the other is Jesus.
Teresa:  Lord,
Grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted,
To understand than to be understood,
To love than to be loved.
It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.
It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life.
Her partner, Randy, opens the back door of the ambulance:  Hey, I got your latte...Oh...sorry!
Teresa:  That's okay.  I'm done.

They're riding in the ambulance down a road filled with trick-or-treaters.
Randy:  What was your favorite costume when you were a kid?
Teresa:  Ohhhh...well, when I was 8, I was the Wolf Man...or Wolf Girl.  My mom made it.  Halloween was her favorite.  It was great!  How about you?
Randy:  Darth Vader.  I did the walk with the cape flowing.  When did you stop?
Teresa:  That year - when I was the Wolf Man.
Randy:  You stopped trick-or-treating when you were 8 years old?
Teresa:  That was the year that my mom got sick.
Suddenly, a truck pulls out from a side street and blocks their path.  
Randy slams on the brakes:  Whoa!
Three men, dressed as cowboys with bandanas across their faces, get out of the truck and approach the ambulance, with guns drawn.
Cowboy #1 to Cowboy #2:  Go on the other side.
Cowboy #2 to Teresa:  You sit tight.
Cowboy #1 to Randy:  Get out of the truck.  Get out of the truck or I'll kill you both.  Just you, not the lady!
Randy gets out:  What do you want?
Cowboy #1:  I want you to shut the hell up and do what you're told.
He gets in the ambulance, cuts the cord to the radio and says to Teresa:  Do what I say, you live.
He gets out of the ambulance, walks over and hits Randy with his gun, knocking him unconscious.
Teresa:  No!
Cowboy #1 gets back in the ambulance:  Get in the back.  Now!
Teresa gets in the back of the ambulance and he follows her, removing his mask:  Are you good?  At what you do?  Are you good at what you do?!
Teresa:  Yeah...
Cowboy #1:  You better be.
The other two cowboys bring a wounded man into the ambulance.
Cowboy #1 to them:  Ya'll get out of here.
Cowboy #1 to Teresa:  Let me make this perfectly clear.  That's my brother.  If he dies, you die.

The cowboy, Holden McKay, is driving the ambulance while Teresa works on his brother.
Teresa:  Your brother has a tension pneumo thorax.
Holden:  What's that?
Teresa:  His lung has collapsed, shifted into the other side of his chest and stopped the blood from getting to his heart.
Holden:  What do you do?
Teresa:  Go to a hospital.
Holden turns around:  I told you, we are not...!
The ambulance swerves erratically.
Teresa:  Keep it steady!  No sudden stops, no turns.  Okay?  I'm decompressing his chest.  I just need to get it right between the ribs.
Holden:  Oh, come on!
Teresa:  What?
Holden:  Red light.
Teresa:  Don't stop.
Holden:  I'll have to stop fast.
Teresa:  Hit the switch on the celing.
Holden turns on the siren and the ambulance speeds through the intersection, causing an accident.
Holden:  Is he all right?
Teresa:  No, he's not all right.  He's been shot, he has a collapsed lung and his brother won't take him to the hospital.  But, he's doing a lot better than he was a minute ago.
Holden turns into a gated driveway.  He gets out to unlock the gates, as Teresa watches him. Then, his brother's breathing gets worse.  Teresa administers to him, but he stops breathing.  She begins cutting away the bandages, as Holden gets back in the ambulance.
Holden:  What's going on?
Teresa:  Nothing.  Nothing.  I'm just...I'm just going to change his dressing.
As Holden drives through the gates, Teresa begins CPR.

Flashback to Teresa talking to her mother:
Teresa:  Mama, I'm going to pledge to you that for the rest of my life...Mama, I'm going to pledge to you, that for the rest of my life, I'm going to do whatever it takes to save people's lives, okay?
Teresa's mother:  My angel...

Holden stops the ambulance again and gets out to open some heavy warehouse doors.  A cell phone rings in the back of the ambulance.  Teresa searches and finds it in the pocket of Randy's jacket.
Teresa:  Hello.
Holden, as he gets back in:  Who are talking to?
Teresa:  Your brother.  I thought I heard him say something.
Holden moves toward her:  Is he awake?
Teresa:  No!
Holden:  What?
Teresa:  Don't come back here. His wound's open.  He could get infected.
Holden:  All right.
He drives the ambulance into the warehouse, parks it and walks away.
Teresa to cell phone:  Hello...Fine.  Who's this?...Okay, just a second...
She gets the handless headset out of Randy's pocket and attaches it to the phone:  Hello, can you hear me?
Holden closes the warehouse doors.
Teresa to phone:  So far...Okay, he's coming back.
Holden opens the back doors of the ambulance:  How's he doing?
Teresa:  He's fine.  Uh - where are we?
Holden:  Why?
Teresa:  I just need to know what kind of supplies we've got here.
Holden:  What do you need?
Teresa:  Antibiotics, some whole blood.
Holden:  This is an ambulance.  Don't you have that stuff in here?
Teresa:  Look, your brother has a bullet in his chest.  Now, you said that I had to fix him or you're going to kill me.  Now, please, there are things that I need.  All right?
Holden:  All right, all right.  Just give me a minute to think where I can find them.
Teresa:  Okay, while you're thinking, could you get me some water?  Or do they not have water, here?
Holden:  They have water.
He closes the door and walks away.
Teresa to phone:  Okay, he's out of the ambulance...No!...It's all dark.  It looks like some kind of warehouse or something...No, he took the keys...Look, should I just run for it?...Okay...No, you're right...With what?...No, we don't carry any scalpels...I got an idea.  We carry epinephrine.  Enough of it will stop his heart.
She begins preparing a syringe:  My patient?  Well, that's the problem.  Because, I thought he had a tension pneumo thorax but it's really a pericardial tamponade...It means that the bullet isn't in his lung.  It's in his heart...His chances?  None, now.  He died a couple of minutes ago.

Officers Ray Hechler and Tom Turcotte are responding to a citizen's complaint.
Ray:  And then they just swarmed right in?
Man:  Yeah.  Knocked my granddaughter down, split her lip.
Ray:  Is she okay?
Man:  Is she going to live?  Yeah.  She's still crying.
Ray:  How many of them were there?
Man:  Three.
Man is plugging in an extension cord and receives a shock:  Ahh...darn it!
Tom:  Careful there, Sir.
Man:  They were wearing masks, okay?  Like the Presidents...the disrespectful sons of bitches!
Tom:  And all they took was a plastic pumpkin?
Man:  What do you mean 'all'?  That pumpkin costs 30 bucks, okay?  It lights up.  My granddaughter picked it out.
Ray:  What he means, Sir, is did they take anything else?  Money, radio, tv, vcr...These punks will grab anything they can get their hands on.
Man:  What, this has happened before?
Ray:  Yes, Sir, pretty much every year.  But, they usually wait until dark.
Man:  Sons of bitches!  No, all they took was the pumpkin.  I got a pistol by the bed.  22 caliber.  Margie makes me use a trigger lock because of the grandkids.
Tom:  Good idea, Sir.
Ray:  Did you see what they drove off in?
Man:  Four-door, dark color.  I didn't get the plate or the make.
Ray:  All right, Sir.'ve been very helpful and...uh...maybe you could wait inside.  We're going to call it in.
Man:  Well, you're going to go after them, right?  This isn't going to end up in some file, somewhere, right?
Ray:  No, Sir.  We're going to contact our department and formulate a plan.
The Man returns to his porch and Ray and Tom walk over to their patrol car.
Ray:  What do you think?
Tom:  I think it's a pumpkin hunt.  You ever been on one?
Ray:  An upstanding man of the law like me?  No, never...not plastic ones.  But, you push 20 or 30 pumpkins off a high-rise, that's a sound you don't tend to forget.
Tom laughs:  Look, why don't I pretend to call this in, you say so long to Dirty Harry and we can get out of here?
Ray:  If by 'get out of here', you mean leave here and go and track down these dangerous youths...
Tom:  Ray.
Ray:  We must take back the night!
Tom:  It's still light out, Ray.
Ray:  We'll take back some day and then take back the night!
Tom:'s just a prank.
Ray:  Well, they already knocked a little kid down.  What happens at the next house they go to?  Maybe, that guy doesn't have an old .22 locked up in the bed stand.  Maybe, he picks up his favorite hand-cannon and blows a hole through somebody's spine.  All for a plastic pumpkin.
Tom:  Okay.  So, what do you suggest we do?
Ray:  We'll take a walk around.
Tom:  Right...we'll really blend in our uniforms.  They won't know it's us.
Ray:  We'll be undercover.

Tom is waiting in the parking lot as Ray comes out of the store with two sacks.
Ray:  I told you we should have gone to Target.  This is one of these discount places.  So, all you get is generic rip-offs.  They don't really have the money to sell the brand-name costumes.  So, well, you know, like instead of Harry Potter, you get Boy Wizard costume.  So, instead of Jason from "Friday the 13th", how about Maniac Hockey Mask Killer?
Tom:  We're supposed to put these over our uniforms?
Ray:  Well, yeah, unless you want to go as a Comanche.  And, then, I gotta go back and get body paint, and you gotta put that on yourself.  Come on!  What do you think?
Tom:  What do I think?  I think it's stupid.
Ray:  Well, in the immortal words of Nigel Hufnel,  'it's a fine line between clever and stupid, isn't it"?

Tom (dressed as the killer from "Scream") and Ray (dressed as Jason from "Friday the 13th") are trick-or-treating.
Tom:  Come on!  I'm sweating like a Backstreet Boy in a holding cell.
Ray:  You should have been the Comanche, like I said.
Tom:  This is so stupid.
Ray:  You gotta show the knife or it doesn't look right.
Tom brandishes the toy knife.
Ray:  Yeah.
Tom:  Can we just call it a night?
Ray:  Okay, a couple more houses.  I heard some kids say there's a lady down there giving out old-fashioned caramel apples.
Ray's police radio goes off:  All units.  We have a hijacking of a RA unit with an EMT on board, in the mid-Wilshire district.  We need all available personnel.
Tom:  We gotta go.
They turn to head for their patrol car, when they hear a man yelling, further down the street.
Man:  Come back here!
Three teenagers, laughing loudly, run across the street and get in a dark-colored car. They're wearing masks of former Presidents and one of them is carrying a large plastic pumpkin.
Man yells:  Come back, you bastards!
Tom:  Get the cab!
He runs down the street toward the car.

Three boys, wearing masks of former Presidents George Bush, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, are sitting in a parked car.
Bush is the driver:  Man, don't say it again!
Clinton:  What?  I...  
Bush:  No, I can't take it.  I gotta get out.
Bush gets out of the car and removes his mask.  Clinton and Nixon, also, get out of the smoke-filled car.  They're, obviously, high on marijuana and are laughing a lot.
Clinton:  Hey, where's the bone, man?
Nixon:  It's dying, man.
Clinton:  Oh, man!  I didn't even get to inhale.
Nixon:  Hey!  Let's get one more to make it an even dozen.
Bush:  Dude, don't we already have, like, 20?  (He peers into the back seat, which is filled with plastic pumpkins.)
Nixon:  No, we got like...we got like...11.
Bush:  It seems like 20.  Hey!  Where are we?
Clinton:  Can we get some donuts?
Nixon:  All right.  All right, one more and then some donuts.
Clinton:  Maybe, we can trade a dozen donuts for a dozen plumpkins.
Bush and Nixon start laughing, again.
Bush:  You said it again?!
Clinton:  What?  What?!
Bush:  Plumpkins!
Clinton starts laughing, too.  They put the masks back on and get into the car.

The Presidents park their car across the street from a house that has a large plastic pumpkin in the window.  They get out of the car, cross the street and knock on the door:  Trick or treat!
A man opens the door and they push their way into the house and grab the pumpkin.
Man:  Hey!  What are you doing?
They run out of the house, laughing.
Man:  Come back here!  Come back, you bastards!
The Presidents get into the car.
In the rearview mirror, Bush sees Tom, in "Scream" costume, running towards them:  Oh, my God!  Look!
Nixon:  Run!  Go.  Go!
Bush starts the car as Tom leaps onto the back of it.
Clinton:  He's on the car!
Nixon:  Get him off!
Bush swerves all over the rode, trying to shake Tom off.
Bush:  Is he still there?
Clinton:  Yes!  Get him off!
Ray, in the patrol car, is in front of them.  Bush loses control of the car and it crashes through a nearby picket fence.  Tom flies over the front of the car and lands in the bushes.
The Presidents remove their masks, shakily.
Bush:  Dude!
Clinton:  This place looks familiar.
The man they robbed earlier comes out of the house with his .22 in hand:  Okay, you punk bastards!  Now, you're going to get it!
Bush:  Oh, sh...
Ray pulls his gun on the man:  Drop the gun, Sir.  Do it now!  Put the gun down, Sir!  Do it now!
Man:  Who the hell are you?
Tom stands up and moans in pain.
The man shoots him.
Clinton:  Oh, my God!
Bush:  Is he dead?
Ray approaches the man:  On your knees!  Hands behind your head.
Man:  It just went off.  I swear!
Tom stands up again, loudly moaning and groaning.
The Presidents scream!

Joel arrives at the police station and approaches Ray, Tom and Randy.
Joel:  When did they take the truck?
Ray:  About a half an hour.
Joel:  Any idea where they are now?
Ray:  No.
Joel:  These guys - are they the same ones who stuck up the watch dealer in Santa Monica, tonight?
Ray:  Well, the shop keeper says four yahoos, dressed like cowboys, came in and started shooting.  So, if it's not them, there's a plague of cowboys out there.
Joel to Randy:  How are you feeling?
Randy, with bandage on his forehead:  I'm all right.
Joel:  Is there any way to contact the truck?
Randy:  They sliced the radio cord.  You got to find her!
Joel:  We will.  We'll do everything we can.
Ray:  We've got everybody looking, even the Fire Department.
Joel to Randy:  Listen, we need you to stay close, okay?  We may have a lot of questions.  We need your help.
Joel notices Tom rubbing his shoulder:  Tom, are you okay?
Tom:  Yeah, I'm fine.
Ray:  He's not fine.  He got popped in the vest and he's supposed to be getting MT.
Joel:  You haven't got MT?
Tom:  It's Teresa.  I'm not sitting this one out.
Randy:  Hey, I just remembered.  I left my jacket in the back.  It had my phone in it.

Using a headset, Joel puts his call to Teresa on the speaker phone.
Teresa:  I thought he had a tension pneumo thorax, but it's really a pericardial tamponade.
Joel:  What does that mean, Teresa?
Teresa:  It means that the bullet isn't in his lung.  It's in his heart.
Joel:  Okay.  What are his chances?
Teresa:  His chances?  None, now.  He died a couple of minutes ago.
Joel:  Listen, do you think you can keep the other guy from finding out?
Teresa:  I don't know.  I'm just going to hook up the ECG.  Even though, there's no pulse, it'll show some kind of electrical activity.
Joel:  All right.
Teresa:  How's Randy doing?
Joel:  Randy's fine.  He's right here.  He's worried about you.  Tell me something - do you have any idea where you are?
Teresa:  No.  But, can't they trace the cell phone?
Joel:  They can, but it's going to take a while.  So, I need you to think.  Do you remember passing anything?  Any sights?  Any sounds?
Teresa:  Yes!  We were almost in an accident.
Joel:  When?
Teresa:  Umm...uh...about 10 minutes ago.  We ran a red light and I saw a couple of cars hit each other.
Fearless to Joel:  Got it.
Fearless to radio:  Control, Detective Bobby Smith.  On the RA hijacking.  I need a location on an accident.  Mid-Wilshire, about 10 minutes back.
Joel to Teresa:  Tell me something - have you checked his pockets?
Teresa:  No.  Just a second...His front pockets are empty.  I'll check the back.
Joel:  Teresa, we heard a beep, here.  Can you check the battery indicator on the cell phone?
Teresa:  One bar left.
Control:  Detective Smith.  Three car collision, intersection of Wilton and Olympic, 10 minutes ago, ambulance was heading east.
Fearless:  Got it.
Ray and Tom hurry out of the room.
Joel walks over to a map on the wall:  What was that?
Fearless:  Olympic, Wilton, headed east.
Teresa:  There's something in his back pocket.  Just a second...It's an employee ID.  Bilright Security.  Samuel McKay.  M - C - K - A - Y.
Fearless to radio:  Control, Det. Smith, again.  I need an address for Samuel McKay.  M - C - K - A - Y, security guard.
He points to another detective:  You.  Let's go!
Teresa:  Okay, Joel, the other guy's coming back!
Joel:  Okay, Teresa.  Stay calm.  I'm going to stay right here with you.  Okay, if I ask you a question, I want you to cough once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'.  You got it?
Teresa coughs once.
Joel:  Great.
Teresa to Holden McKay:  You're going to have to stay out.
Joel to other police officers:  Was that a siren?
Teresa to Holden:  I said, you're going to have to stay out.  Do you want him to die?
Joel:  Teresa,  did you make any turns after the accident?
Teresa coughs twice.
Joel to radio:  Control, have all units 10 miles due east of Olympic and Wilton sound their sirens, one at a time.  I repeat, one at a time.
Holden to Teresa:  He's cold!
Control:  All units east of Wilton, sound sirens and call out locations.
Joel shouts at everyone in the room:  Quiet!
Holden:  ....chest wound.
Joel to Control:  Sound the next one.
He hears a siren over the phone.
Holden:  What's that?
Joel to Control:  Give me a location on that one.
Control:  West 9th and Crenshaw.
Joel:  Have all units...have all available units within one mile of West 9th and Crenshaw, immediately!
Control:  Roger.
Holden:  Is he dead?
Joel:  We are running out of time!
Holden:  Is he dead?!
Joel:  Fight back, Teresa.
Holden:  You've been talking on the phone?!
Joel:  Fight back, Teresa!  Fight him!
Holden:  Hey, cops.  You listening?  Listen to this.
There's the sound of a gunshot.

Andrea arrives at the McKay house and sees Fearless taking weapons out of the trunk of his car.
Fearless:  Andrea, what are you doing here?
Andrea:  I told you, Fearless, I'm really good.  Is the ambulance here?
Fearless:  Do you see it?  We're looking for it.
Andrea:  This is Holden McKay's house.  Is he your suspect?
Fearless:  You know I can't answer that.
Andrea:  Is there anyone in the house?
Fearless:  We're waiting for more back-up to get here before we knock.
Andrea:  How did Teresa sound?
Fearless:  I'd really be interested in meeting your source, someday.
Andrea:  How did she sound?
Fearless:  How would you sound?
Andrea:  Not good.  You got a cigarette?  You're one of the last people I know who still smokes.
Fearless hands her a cigarette.
Andrea:  So, how are you coming on that list?
Fearless:  What list?
Andrea:  The '100 things to do before you die' list.  Everybody knows about the list, Fearless.
Fearless:  Yeah, well, I guess I'm not as mysterious and unfathomable as I thought.
Andrea:  You rarely are.  So, what happens if you finish the list before you die?
Fearless:  Well, I'm sure I'll be able to think of another 100 things to do.
Andrea:  I got to make up one of those lists.
Fearless:  Yeah?  How so?
Andrea:  I've been wasting time.  I need to catch up.
Fearless:  It's not a race.
Andrea:  Are you sure?
Fearless:  Let me ask you something.  I mean, you don't know have to answer, if you don't want to.  But, how much do reporters make, nowadays?
Andrea:  You want to know how I can afford a car like that?  Did you ever see those old ads in the magazines where the kid is holding up this enormous orange, with the caption 'this is a Little orange'?
Fearless shakes his head.
Andrea:  My grandfather on my mother's side, Michael Little, owned a little citrus company.
Fearless:  So, he made his bones selling oranges?
Andrea:  No, he made his bones selling his orchard in the valley, then buying other orchards and selling those.  Did you ever read about how great L.A. was in the 40's?  How you could drive into the valley and smell the oranges?  Well, my granddad helped ruin all that.
Fearless:  So, you use your mother's maiden name.
Andrea:  I took it after she and my Dad divorced.
Fearless:  What about your father?  What does he do?
Andrea:  He invested.  Sadly, nobody told him hookers, cigars and the crap tables wasn't the best place to keep all your money.  Fortunately...or unfortunately, Grandpa Little set up a whopping big trust fund for his one and only granddaughter.
Fearless:  So, why 'unfortunately'?
Andrea:  You don't really want to hear a rich girl whine, do ya?  It's not as much fun as you think.  (She tosses her cigarette onto the ground.)
Fearless:  You could get a citation for that.

Fearless sees Ray and Tom, and walks over to them.
Fearless:  What's up?
Ray:  Two males, in the back, watching tv.
Tom:  No ambulance anywhere in the vicinity, but the SUV parked in the front matches the suspects' car in the hijacking.
Andrea is standing nearby, taking notes.
Fearless signals everyone to approach the house:  Here we go.
Fearless knocks on the front door.  A man opens it.
Fearless:  We're looking for Holden McKay.
Man:  Uh...he's not here.
Fearless:  Mind if we come in and look around?
Man:  Uh...okay...sure.
The police enter the house.  Almost immediately, several shots are fired.

Fearless:  We're looking for Holden McKay.
Man:  Uh...he's not here.
Fearless:  Mind if we come in and look around?
Man:  Uh...okay...sure.
The police enter the dark house.
Fearless:  How about you turn on some lights back here, Chief?
Man: Uh...okay.
Another man comes around a corner with a shotgun.
The first Man yells at him:  No, Ryan!  Don't!
The second man shoots one of the police officers with the shotgun.  Several police officers shoot him.
The first man grabs a gun off a bookcase and turns to fire.  Ray shoots him.
Fearless:  Code 4!  Cease fire!  Code 4!   Get the lights!
Ray:  All right.  All right on my location.  (He walks over to check the man he shot:  Clear!)
Fearless kneels beside one of the wounded men:  Where is he, son?  Where's Holden?

Holden:  Is he dead?
Teresa:  No.
Holden:  Is he dead?!
Holden:  What was that?  What's that, huh?  What you got?
He sees the earpiece and pulls the cell phone out of her pocket.
Holden:  A phone.  You've been talking on the phone?!  Hey, cops!  You listening?  Listen to this!
He points the gun at Teresa, then turns and fires outside the ambulance.
Holden:  You let him die on purpose.
Teresa:  No.
Holden:  Then, why is he dead?
Teresa:  Because he got shot in the heart.
Holden:  But, you didn't try real hard, did you?  Did you?!
Teresa:  The whole reason I do to keep people alive.
Holden:  You got some kind of tape in here?  Something I can use on your wrists?
Teresa, crying:  In that drawer over there,  yeah.
Holden stands up to get the tape and Teresa lunges at him with the syringe.  He turns, grabs her wrist and points the gun at her head until she drops the syringe.  Then, he slaps her across the face.
Holden:  Now, get me some tape.

Holden walks out of the warehouse.  The parking lot is full of police cars.  He searches them until he finds one which has the keys in the driver's seat visor.  He goes back into the warehouse.
Teresa is in the back of the ambulance with her hands tied in front of her.  
Holden pulls her out and forces her to kneel on the floor:  Get down right there.
He goes back into the ambulance to sit, crying, by his brother's body.
Teresa, looking around the warehouse:  This is a movie studio?  You work here?
Holden:  I'm a stuntman...Tonight wasn't supposed to go like this...I figured, Halloween and all, no one would pay attention to some cowboys.  And I thought the watch shop would be an easy hit, you know...We'd just run in, grab a handful of Rolexes and get the hell out...But,  the guy had guns everywhere - it was a damn firefight...Sam and I came out to work in the movies, to be stuntmen.  That's what I thought, anyway.  But, you got to know somebody, I guess.  Cause I ain't no stuntman.  Sammy was a security guard here and I was a janitor.  A janitor.  I could've been a janitor back in Tulsa.
He climbs out of the ambulance:  Get up.
They walk out into the parking lot.
Holden:  So, why did you become a paramedic?
Teresa:  What?
Holden:  You said you did it to save people's lives.
Teresa:  I made a promise to someone.
Holden:  Who?
Teresa:  A friend.
Holden puts her in the back seat of the police car:  Don't even try to get out.  This may be a fake cop car, but there ain't no door locks on the inside.
He gets in the front seat as several real police cars, with sirens on and lights flashing, turn into the studio's driveway.  Joel gets out of one car and walks toward the warehouse, with his gun drawn.  As Holden puts the key in the ignition, Teresa puts her bound hands over his head and begins choking him.  As he loses consciousness, his gun fires, shattering the windshield.  
The screen fades to black.  Then, as Holden regains consciousness, he sees Teresa kneeling beside him, waving a penlight in front of his eyes.
Teresa:  Don't try to speak.  Your larynx is hurt.
Joel:  Teresa, are you sure you want to do this?
Teresa:  Yeah.  Hey, thank you.
Joel:  For what?
Teresa:  For helping me on the phone.
Joel:  I don't know how much help I was.  You took care of everything by yourself.
Teresa:  You kept me focused.  You gave me something to do.  I might have lost it, if you hadn't been there.
A police officer drops off some medical supplies.
Teresa:  Thanks.
Joel:  You know, there's another unit coming.  You do not have to do this.
Teresa:  Yes, I do.
Joel:  You have to?
Teresa:  Yeah.  It's a long story.
Joel:  Okay.
He walks away and as Teresa administers to Holden, we hear her prayer:
Grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted,
To understand than to be understood,
To love than to be loved.
It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.

David and Marian McNorris are downstairs at the Halloween party.
Marian:  Was there a line?
David to Waitress, as he takes a drink from her tray:  Thank you.
David to Marian:  A line for what?
Marian:  The bathroom.
David:  I ran into a reporter.
Marian:  Oh...who?
David:  Andrea Little.  The Trib.
Marian:  Hmmm...that must have been a chore.
David:  How so?
Marian:  Oh, David, please!  She's beautiful.  Don't pretend you haven't noticed.  She's very good at what she does.  She's, also, a shark and I wouldn't trust her, if I were you.
David:  I don't trust her.
Marian:  Hmmm...
David:  May I show you something?
Marian:  What?
David:  Follow me.
They enter the room decorated as a morgue.
Marian laughs when she sees the dummy with his chest cut open:  Nice.  If he had any guts, he'd put it downstairs on the dining room table.
David simply stands and looks at her.
Marian:  What?
David gently pushes her up against the door.
Marian:  David...
David kisses her hand.
Marian:  You've been drinking.
David:  Yes, I have.  I've, also, been thinking.  I'm always telling everyone how beautiful and sensitive and wonderful my wife is.  And, then, I just saw you standing downstairs and I realized I've been telling the wrong person.
He pulls her close and kisses her bare shoulder.  She notices the mask (Andrea's) lying on a nearby table and pulls away from him.
David:  What?
Marian:  Are you sleeping with that reporter?
David:  ...No.
The animatronic corpse pops up:  Bleaaaah!