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Lost Child

A woman greets paramedics Teresa Ortiz and her partner, Randy, at the door.
Woman:  ...and she wouldn't answer, so I figured that I'd just get some of her stuff and chuck it outside, teach her a lesson.  It's right this way.  Oh, God, there's so much blood!  It's right this way.
The woman leads them through a courtyard and opens the door of an apartment:  Right this way.  Oh, there she is.  Oh, my God!
The woman points to a young woman lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
Teresa and Randy kneel down beside her and begin examining her.
Woman:  Was she shot?
Teresa:  No pulse.
Woman:  I didn't near anything.  I was in the laundry.
Teresa picks up a nearby syringe:  OD?
Woman:  Oh, no.
Randy to Woman:  Was she an addict?
Woman:  No, I didn't think so.  Not any more.  She came here from the Clean Living Center.  I like to help people starting over.
Teresa:  Wait a minute.
Woman:  Was she shot?  Stabbed?

Teresa:  Ma'am, you notice anything about Janice in, say, the last eight or nine months?
Woman:  Oh, God, I completely forgot.
Teresa:  She gave birth less than twenty minutes ago.
Randy:  Here?  But, where's the baby?
Teresa:  That's a good question.

David and Detective Joel Stevens are sitting in a booth at a diner.

Joel:  Son of a bitch!
David:  Come on, you can do a whole lot better than that.
Joel:  I'm in public, I can't.  When's it going down?
David:  I don't know.
Joel:  You said you needed to meet with me this morning.
David:  Look, I'm getting on a flight in a couple of hours.  I don't know when I'll be back.  They say thirty days.  I'm going to the desert, this...uh...little spa named after a former first lady.  Rehab.
Joel:  Why are you giving me this heads-up?
David:  I don't know.  I don't know much about anything any more.  I don't know if I'll have a job waiting for me when I come back.  I don't even know if I want to come back.  But, I just figured telling you is the right thing to do, you know.
Joel's cell phone rings.  He checks the number:  Sorry.  It's my partner.
Joel to phone:  Fearless...yeah...all right, I'm on my way. He hangs up the phone.
Joel to David:  I have to go.  It's a...uh...missing baby.
David:  Go find him.
Joel:  Yeah.
David:  Hey, Joel.  Um...good luck.
Joel:  Good luck, David.  (They shake hands and Joel leaves.)

Outside the victim's home, Teresa hands Fearless the syringe she found.
Teresa:  We found this next to the body.
Fearless:  So, what's your guess?  Heroin?
Teresa:  Something with a hell of a kick.  We barely pulled her out of it.
Fearless:  Yeah, but you did pull her out.
Teresa:  Um-hmm.
Fearless:  Nice work.
Teresa:  Thanks.
Officers Tom Turcotte and Ray Hechler walk down the steps.
Tom:  God, there must have been 15, 20 cats in there.
Ray:  We canvassed that floor.  Nada.
Joel walks over:  There's a dumpster out back.  Why don't you guys check it out?
Ray just looks at him.
Joel:  Unless there's a problem...
Ray:  Problem?  No, no, just identifying a pattern.  You know, whenever we catch one of you detectives' cases, we end up ass-deep in a dumpster.  If my powers of recall don't fail me.
Joel:  I'll check the dumpster, Ray.
Tom:  Ah, no, we'll do it.
Tom and Ray walk around to the back of the house.
Fearless walks over to Joel:  Why don't you go home, partner?  Call your lawyer.  We got this.
Joel:  Nah, I can't let on that I know.  I just gotta wait for it to come down.  Besides, doing the job is the only thing that'll keep my mind off of it...It says here, in her day planner, that she had a doctor's appointment this morning at the Union Family Clinic.
Fearless:  Right, right, I know that one.  Mostly women on Medicaid.  What else did she write down?
Joel:  It just says "Dr. D".

At the Union Family Clinic, Joel and Fearless interview Dr. Pamela Donner as she greets patients in the waiting room.
Dr. Donner:  Janice was coming every week, being nine months pregnant.  She's conscientious about her health and the health of her baby.
Joel:  You know she was using?
Dr. Donner:  What?!  No.
Joel:  It looks like she shot up and gave birth.
Dr. Donner:  Gave birth?
Joel:  Yeah, and now, her baby's gone.
Dr. Donner:  You can't be serious.
Fearless:  Well, an empty syringe was found beside her body.
Dr. Donner:  So, where's the baby?
Joel:  We're trying to find it.  You saw her this morning.  Did she show any signs of going into labor?  Any problems? Contractions? Anything?
Dr. Donner:  No, she was two weeks away.  Janice was fine this morning, not a hint of labor.  She was so excited about this baby coming into the world.
Fearless:  So, why do you think she started using again?
Dr. Donner:  I don't know.  So, do you think she abandoned the baby?
Joel:  No.
Dr. Donner:  Someone took the baby?
Fearless:  So, who's the father?
Dr. Donner:  I don't know.  She didn't talk too much about him.  He's an addict, still using.  They're not together.
Joel:  Has he got a name?
Dr. Donner:  I'm sure he's in Janice's file.  Do you think he took the baby?
Fearless:  Well, we really don't think anything, yet.
Dr. Donner:  I hope not.  Because as addicts go and from what little Janice told me about him, he's a piece of work.
Dr. Donner to her assistant:  Can I have Janice's file?

At the police station, Joel and Fearless are interrogating Jonny Rand.
Jonny:  Yeah, I knew she was knocked up.  Sure, you know, I keep track of my seed, man.
Fearless:  So, were you with Janice this morning?
Jonny:  No.  No, I was fertilizing elsewhere.  But, you know, she called me on the cell.  But, that was weird.
Fearless:  What did Janice say when she called you?
Jonny:  She was alone, you know, just doing the labor thing.  She was "waaah", "waaah".  She was looking for some relief.
Fearless:  So, she called you, her dealer?
Jonny:  Hey, I'm outta that life.  Yo, I told her, but she was...She was looking for an arm-load of Mexican mud, though.
Fearless:  And you delivered it to her?
Jonny:  That's...all right, that's when she, uh, offered me the kid.
Joel:  She offered you the baby?
Jonny:  Yeah, it was like an exchange thing.  She give me the kid, I give her the dope.  Not exactly mother of the year material.  So, you know, I just clicked off the cell and just went right back to work on Wilma.
Fearless:  You know, I think you took that baby.
Jonny:  Hey, uh - what?  I'm a baby guy, now?!  I mean, come on man!  I didn't even see the thing, much less want it.  What, are you kidding me?  Yo, maybe the next dealer on her speed dialer did it.  Maybe he was some guy with daddy fever or something.
Captain Ron Hicks opens the door of the interrogation room:  Joel.  My office.
Jonny:  Ohh, you got to stay after school.  You in trouble!
Joel leaves the room.

Outside the interrogation room, Fearless encounters Ray and Tom.
Ray:  So, you think junkie boy has that baby?
Fearless:  I don't know.  He says he doesn't.
Tom looks across the room:  What's Trumper doing here?
Ray groans:  Better call my union rep.
Fearless:  He's not here for you, Ray.

Detective Trumper of Internal Affairs is washing his hands in the Men's bathroom, when Fearless, Ray and Tom enter.
Fearless:  You got you some little balls there, Trumper.
Trumper:  Hello, Bobby.
Ray:  What are you doing here, Trumper, if you're not here for me?
Trumper:  Oh, I'm sure it will be you again, soon, Ray.
Trumper turns to Fearless:  You haven't told them?
Fearless:  He's going after Joel.
Ray:  For what? Forgetting to say "bless you" when somebody sneezed?
Fearless:  Trumper reopened the investigation into Joel's baby's death.
Ray:  Now, I remember why you're so universally loathed around here, Trumper.
Trumper:  Yeah.
Tom:  I don't know how you sleep at night.
Trumper:  This is, uh, this is touching.  Touching, this loyalty.  I'll note it in your files.  Oh, and, uh, by all go on judging me and my investiation. Just make sure you don't look too closely at the facts.
Fearless:  Facts?  What facts?  A man's baby dies!  You want to bring all that up, again.
Trumper:  Was the death natural?
Fearless:  Are you trying to imply that the man killed his own child?
Trumper:  I'm not implying anything.
Fearless:  Why don't you read the coroner's report?
Trumper:  I would love to read the coroner's report, Detective.  I, truly, would.  Trouble is, it's missing.

Tom walks over to Joel and Fearless' desks.
Tom:  Hey, Joel.  You got a minute?  I know things haven't been exactly square with us, but I just heard about Trumper and I wanted to let you know that if there's anything I can do, I wanna help.
Joel:  Thank you.
Tom:  For what it's worth, I got a friend down at the M.E.'s, says
Trumper's been spending a lot of time down there.  Uh, you don't have any idea what he's looking for in that missing file?
Joel:  My baby's second autopsy report.
Tom:  Yeah, but why?  What's in it?
Joel:  I don't know.  I haven't read it.
Tom:  All right.  Well, like I said, if there's anything I can do, you let me know.
Joel:  Thanks.

After dark, Trumper is sitting in his car.  Another car drives up, someone gets out, walks over to Trumper's car and gets into it.  It's Tom.
Trumper:  Did you get him?
Tom hands him a tape recorder:  Yeah.  Oh, yeah, it's definitely Joel.

  (two days earlier)
Tom is eating at a restaurant when his cell phone rings.
Tom:  Hello...Yeah?...What do you want, Trumper?...Why?...Okay, how about I talk to my union rep and I'll get back to you?...Okay, then what is it?

Tom and Trumper meet.
Trumper:  Hello, Tom.
Tom:  Trumper, today is my day off.  So, if you have something important to tell me, I'd appreciate it if you'd cut to the chase.
Trumper:  All right.  I.A.'s been watching you, Tom.
Tom:  Ahh...that's great!  You said on the phone that I wasn't under investigation.
Trumper:  You're not.  I.A. has a recruiting program, Tom.  We're always looking for fresh talent.
Tom:  Talent for what?
Trumper:  Promotion.  D-1 status.
Tom:  Wait a minute.  You're offering me detective?
Trumper:  We're offering you a shot.  Or you can stay in your division.  Maybe you get noticed, maybe not.  Or you can try the way most cops don't even consider.
Tom:  Yeah, well, you know there's a reason why cops don't consider Internal Affairs.
Trumper:  Yeah, yeah.  It makes you a rat, right?  According to your brothers in blue.
Tom:  Look, Trumper, I don't know what it is I'm here for, but can you tell me, why me?  And why now?
Trumper:  You mean, uh, besides Vanzani and the death of three cops?  Your station is under close scrutiny, Tom.  We did a computer search of all police reports the last three years looking for names from your station.  A few popped up, all minor.  And then there was an interesting one.
He hands Tom a file folder.  The name on it is Joel Stevens.
Tom:  So, this is why me.

Flashback to scene from Episode # 15, 'Storm Watch'
As Trumper watches, Joel interrogates Tom.
Joel:  Anything is a possibility tonight.
Tom:  No, Joel, that's where you're wrong.  Some things are not possible, but you need to confirm your opinion of me.
Joel:  What's that?
Tom:  Next question.

Trumper:  Does it help, your dislike for Stevens?  Yes.
Tom:  And what if I say no?
Trumper:  Then, I'll look for somebody else.  And the next time we meet, it won't be to talk about promotion.
Trumper walks away.

Trumper listens to the tape recorder.

Flashback to scene at the police station.
Tom:  What do you think he's looking for in the missing file?
Joel:  I don't know.  I haven't read it.
Tom:  Well, if there's anything I can do, let me know.

Trumper:  That's it?  Not much of a confession.
Tom:  Well, give me time.  I'll get him.

Joel and Fearless question Janice at the hospital.
Janice:  You're the police?  Why do you want to talk to me?
Fearless:  We just want to ask you a few questions, ma'am.
Janice:  Where's my baby?  Nobody will tell me.  Did something happen?
Joel:  That's what we're trying to find out.  Why don't we start with you telling me what happened yesterday.  Your landlady said she found you unconscious.
Janice:  She did?
Fearless:  Yeah.  So, you were in your apartment and we figured, maybe, you went into labor and the pain was greater than you had anticipated, so you just went for what you knew would work.  Someone brought you some dope and you shot up.
Janice:  No, no.  I - I have not touched a needle in a year.
Joel:  We found a needle right next to your body, Janice.
Janice begins to get upset:  I - I don't - I don't remember.  I went to the clinic and then I went to the store and I came home...I didn't shoot up.  I couldn't have.  Please, you have to tell me, where's my baby?!

Fearless:  You know, we don't know, ma'am.
Joel:  We're trying to find it.
Janice, crying:  Her.  My baby is a her.  This - this baby - this baby, she trusted me with her life.  And I've been doing so good 'cause she's counting on me.  You know, she picked me of all the people in the world. I swear to you, I don't know what happened.  But, you have to find her.  Because I would rather be dead if you don't.

In the hospital corridor.
Fearless:  So, what do you think about that woman, man?
Joel:  I think she's telling the truth.
Fearless:  Somebody just happened to know she was giving birth, came over, knocked her out, fixed her up and took the baby?
Joel:  I don't know.  I have to cut out.  I gotta go see a lawyer.  I'll give you a call later.

At the office of Dr. Michael Hirsch [previously seen in Episode #10, 'Coyote']
Michael:  You know, Detective, I'm primarily a shrink.  My legal practice is mostly pro bono psych cases.
Joel:  I know.  David McNorris recommended you.  He said you were one of the best defense lawyers in town.
Michael:  David McNorris said that?  I thought he hated me.
Joel:  He said that, too.
Michael:  Ahh...Look, I don't know if I can help you, but...let's see.  You said on the phone that Internal Affairs is after you.
Joel nods.
Michael:  Why?
Joel:  My wife and I lost a baby last year.  It was...a nightmare.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Michael:  SIDS.  I'm sorry.
Joel:  Yeah.  According to the preliminary autopsy...
Michael:  Preliminary autopsy?
Joel:  I ordered a second autopsy, just to be sure.  It came two weeks later and by that time, I had a wife with slashed wrists.  So, I never read it and now, the coroner's file has gone missing.
Michael:  And they think you have it.  Okay, let's back up.  You said your wife tried to kill herself.  Does she know this case has been reopened?
Joel:  No.
Michael:  And you're not going to tell her.
Joel:  Not if I don't have to.
Michael:  Because you don't think she can handle it?  Or you think she might try to kill herself again?

Joel drives home and sees several police cars sitting in front of his house.  A police officer tries to stop him from entering.
Police officer:  Detective, I need you to wait here for a second.
Joel pushes past him:  Get out of my way!  Where's my wife?  Kelly!
Kelly hurries in from another room:  Joel.  What is going on?
They embrace.  Joel looks around and sees Trumper and other police officers searching his home.
Kelly:  Joel...what is all this?  What?!

Joel and Kelly arrive at Michael Hirsch's office.
Michael:  So, they searched your house.  Did they search anywhere else?
Joel:  Yeah, my locker.
Michael:  Have a seat.  You have the missing file, Detective?
Joel:  No, I don't.
Michael:  Do you have the missing file, Detective?
Joel:  No, I don't!
Michael:  Sure you do.
Joel:  Is this, like, one of your shrink tricks?  Are you trying to get me worked up?
Michael:  No, this is a lawyer trick.  These are the kind of questions you're going to get from I.A.  But, if you want my shrink side, you can have it.  How do you feel about what's going on?
Joel:  I'll stick with the lawyer side, okay?
Michael:  Okay.  Mrs. Stevens...why did you try to kill yourself?
Joel:  No, don't.  Stop.
Michael:  Detective...
Joel:  Leave her out of this.  She shouldn't even be here.
Kelly:  Joel...
Joel to Kelly:  No, no.  Kelly, this is about me.  They're after me.  They're not after you.  Okay?
Joel to Michael:  I want you to leave Kelly out of this.
Michael:  I can try, but I can't control everything.
Joel:  Well, keep Trumper away from her.
Michael:  It's not just Kelly he's gonna want to talk to.
Joel:  Okay.

Teresa Ortiz is being questioned by Detective Trumper.
Trumper:  You made a call to Detective Stevens' home at 5:30.
Teresa:  Are you asking me?  You know the answer.  I told you, like, ten times.
Trumper:  Eleven's my lucky number.
Teresa:  We got a call at 5:30 that a woman had been cut walking through a shower door.
Trumper:  That's what Detective Stevens said.
Teresa:  At the scene, I found Mrs. Stevens bleeding.
Trumper:  From the wrists.  Did it look like she had walked through a shower door?
Teresa:  The door was broken.
Trumper:  The injuries were self-inflicted.
Teresa:  That's speculation.
Trumper:  "Speculation"?  You watch too many law shows.  So, Detective Stevens lied...then he broke the shower door to cover up his lie.  What happened next?
Teresa:  We stopped the bleeding, drove her to E.R., they patched her up.
Trumper:  And, uh, what did Mrs. Stevens say as you were assisting her?
Teresa shakes her head.
Trumper:  Nothing specific?
Teresa:  She was crying.
Trumper:  And what did she say as she was crying?
Teresa:  What do you say when you cry, Detective?
Trumper:  We spoke to your partner, Randy, earlier.  Did you know that?  And he said that Mrs. Stevens kept repeating the same thing that night, over and over again.

Flashback to Teresa and Randy wheeling Kelly on a stretcher.
Kelly, crying:  Oh, my God!  My baby - I killed - I killed her!  I killed my baby!

  You know, I, uh...I don't enjoy this, Ms. Ortiz.  In this
instance, I'm here to protect those who can't protect themselves, like an innocent child.  Do you understand?
Teresa nods:  Um-hmm.
Trumper:  So, what did Mrs. Stevens say that night?
Teresa:  Nothing.

Teresa and Joel meet outside the police station.
Teresa:  He's playing the Susan Smith angle.
Joel sighs:  You got to be kidding me.
Teresa:  I'm sorry.
Joel:  Oh, don't be sorry.
Teresa:  I tried.
Joel:  I know.  When she said know, she didn't mean it.
Teresa:  I know.  I know about grief, Joel.  And almost anyone who loses a child, no matter how it happens, they feel responsible.
Joel:  She didn't mean it.
Teresa:  Look, I don't judge people.  I just try to help them.  I just wish to God I could help you.

Fearless hurries up to them:  Hey!  You're right, partner.  Janice did not shoot up with heroin.  I just got off with the lab.  Now, she did overdose - on barbiturates - taken orally with some kind of fruit drink.  They were in her system a couple of hours before she passed out.
Joel:  What about the needle?  If it wasn't heroin, what was it?
Fearless:  Pitocin.
Teresa:  Pitocin?  That's a labor-inducing drug.
Fearless:  Yeah, that's what they said.  I think we should have another talk with that boyfriend of hers.
Joel:  All right.