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Lost Child
Page 2

Joel and Fearless find Jonny Rand sitting on a park bench, high on drugs.
Fearless:  Hey, Jonny.  What's up, man?
Jonny:  Hey.  Do I know you, man?  (When he recognizes them, he stands up and tries to run away.  Joel and Fearless grab him and throw him back on the bench.)
Joel and Fearless:  Sit down!
Jonny:  Come on, man.
Fearless:  You know exactly what we want, man.
Jonny:  I didn't take no baby.  I told you that.
Fearless:  Look, man, you lied about Janice calling you to buy dope.  And if you don't tell us why you lied, we're going to take your ass straight to jail and stick you in your own concrete bedroom.  
Jonny:  I - it wasn't my idea, okay?  She told me to do it.
Joel:  Who told you?  (Joel slaps him lightly)  Who told you?
Jonny:  They paid me with pharmaceutical grade, man.  This junk was hot.
Joel:  Who told you to lie?  Hey!  We're trying to find a baby.  Who told you to lie?
Jonny:  Okay.  The - the doctor lady, man.  In the clinic.  Okay?

At the home of Dr. Pamela Donner, Ray (dressed as a mailman) rings the doorbell.
Dr. Donner opens the door, but leaves the safety chain in place.
Ray:  Hi, I have a delivery for Dr. Pamela Donner.
Dr. Donner:  You can just leave it outside.
Ray:  No, I can't, ma'am.  It's perishable.  It's something from one of those fruit club things.
Dr. Donner:  Oh, just a second.
She releases the safety chain and Ray pushes the door wide open and enters the house with his gun drawn.
Dr. Donner turns and runs through the house.
Ray:  LAPD, don't move.  Freeze!  Freeze!
Ray follows her into the living room where a man and woman are sitting with the baby.
Ray:  Get your hands up. Put your hands up!  Do it now!
Dr. Donner heads for the back door, but Fearless is there with his gun drawn.  She turns to run down some steps, but Joel is at the bottom of them, pointing his gun at her.
Joel:  Stop right there.  Put your hands on your head.  Turn around.  Hands on your head.  Need to lock your fingers.  All right, let's go.

As a police officer escorts Dr. Donner out of her home, he recites her rights:  You have the right to remain silent...
Ray picks up the baby and carries it outside:  There we go.  Little dream girl.  What do you see, huh?  What do you see?  Probably don't even got the focus thing down, yet.  That's all right.  It'll come.
Joel:  How's she doing?
Ray:  Oh, she's fine.  Children Services is on the way.
Ray's cell phone rings:  Hello...Thomas.  Thomas, you missed a good one...Yeah, this is my first arrest wearing short pants...It was breezy...Yeah, hang on.

Ray hands the phone to Joel:  It's Tom.  He wants to talk to you.
Joel:  Hello...Yeah...Where?...All right.
Joel hands the phone back to Ray:  Thank you.
As he hurriedly leaves the house, he says to Fearless:  I gotta go.  Kelly's in with Trumper.


Kelly is in Detective Trumper's office.
Kelly:  You are such a coward.  Going after my husband like this.
Trumper:  It's not a witch-hunt, Mrs. Stevens.
Kelly:  That is, exactly, what it is.  You, actually, think that I've come here voluntarily to help you build a case against him?
Trumper:  Honestly, it always goes more quickly, if I ask the questions.
Kelly:  I don't want this to go quickly.  You want me to talk about Joel, you're going to have to drag me into court in leg irons.  But, here is what I will talk about - me.  Our baby's death was my fault.  I had postpartum depression.  The baby had colic, I wasn't sleeping well, so I took a sleeping pill.  I slept right through my child taking her last breath.  One room away, and I was sleeping.  That is my fault and I will live with that for the rest of my life.  How I failed my little girl, how I failed my husband.  Now, what I want to know is how do you justify what you've done?
Trumper:  I don't have to.  I'm upholding the law.  And I may be the only one who is, since the coroner's report on your child has suddenly gone missing.
Kelly:  My husband has done nothing, except take care of me, my son, and prop me up better than any human being deserves.  So, you want to mess with me, go ahead.  But, you mess with my husband, you better sleep with one eye open.
Trumper:  Are you threatening me?
Kelly:  Make a note of it in the file.

Joel and Fearless enter the room.
Joel:  Kelly.
Fearless:  Joel, be cool.
Joel to Kelly:  Don't say another word.  Come on.
Fearless to Trumper:  How dare you?  Going after a man's wife?
Trumper:  She came to me, Detective.
Joel:  Talk to my wife without a lawyer?
Trumper:  Your wife's an adult, Stevens.  She knew what she was doing.  You don't have to control every move she makes.
Joel grabs Trumper, angrily.
Fearless pulls Joel away:  Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel, come on.  Come on, brother.  It's not worth it.  It's not worth it, man.  Come on, let's go.

Joel questions Dr. Donner at the police station.
Joel:  So, you arrange for people to buy babies?
Dr. Donner:  I arrange for people who want to have children to make a deal with people who don't want to have children.  People, women, like junkies.
Joel:  You offered this deal to Janice Edwards.  But, she didn't want to do it.  She wanted to keep her baby, right?  So, what did you do?  You give her pitocin, you induce labor and you take her baby away from her.
Dr. Donner:  I rescued it.
Joel:  Oh, you rescued it.
Dr. Donner:  I gave an innocent child a chance, a chance at a good life.
Joel:  What gives you the right to make that decision?
Dr. Donner:  Okay, I want to hear this, how that precious little girl is better off with a welfare mom who may or may not stay off the spike than she would be with a couple who wants nothing more than to give her a good home and the best opportunities.
Joel:  'Cause only your rich friends can provide that, huh?
Dr. Donner:  I had a woman come into the clinic.  A crackhead.  Swore she was off the pipe for a year.  She had the baby.  Everything's fine.  And, then, she decides to celebrate.  Went on an eight-day binge.  You know the punchline?  The baby died.  But, get this, she never left the apartment.  Her baby was ten feet away from her, in the next room, taking her last breath, and she had no idea.  They called it an accident.  I call it criminal neglect.
Joel:  It's not just crack babies who die from SIDS, Doctor.
Dr. Donner:  I know that.  But, you come to my clinic, Detective.  You see what I...
Fearless opens the door and says to Joel:  He's here.
Joel to Dr. Donner, as he leaves the room:  Sit tight.

Joel and Fearless walk over to Tom.
Joel:  Hey, Tom.  Hey, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the heads-up about Trumper talking to Kelly.
Tom:  Yeah, no problem.
They walk down the hallway together.
Joel:  Yeah, I sure am lucky you just happened to be right there at the Parker Center right at that very moment.
Tom:  Yeah, I just happened to be there.
Joel:  Yeah.
Tom:  I know.
Joel:  Imagine that.  We're going this way.
Fearless puts his arm around Tom's shoulder, steering him in a different direction.
Tom:  What's up?
Fearless:  Someone came by to pay a visit, shed a little bit of light on things.  It's very interesting.  I think you might want to hear this.  Right here in the locker room.
Tom:  Right in here?
Fearless:  Yup.

They enter the locker room and see Tom's father, Paul Turcotte.
Tom:  Hey, what are you doing here?
Paul:  Aah.  Ooh, ooh, ooh. (As he shadow boxes with Tom.)  Since when does a dad need a reason to visit his son on the job?  I heard, this morning, about the heads-up you gave Joel about his wife talking to that sleaze I.A.  Hey, what?  Have you been working out?  (He reaches out and pats Tom's chest and stomach.)  You were soft and now, you're flatter.
Tom pulls away:  I'm not.  Same as always.
Paul:  You know, it's a good thing what you did for Joel.  Friends need friends to look out for them.  All those years when I.A. was crawling up my back, after a while, I got to know those guys.  By the end, they were taking care of me.  Did you know that?
Tom:  No.  No, I didn't know that.
Paul:  Oh, yeah, and they would call me if something new was going down.  Are you sure you haven't been working out?  Your chest is getting bigger.
Tom:  What, are you going funny on me, Pop?
Paul:  Funny?...Take your jacket off.
Tom:  You want to ask me something, Pop?
Fearless:  Why don't you take your jacket off, Tom?
Paul:  You know, one of those guys in the I.A. who used to take care of me, he called me this morning.  He said, "Paul, you're not going to believe this.  But, you know, who Trumper's snitch is?"  And then he told me.  I don't believe it.  No way.
Tom:  If you want to know something, Pop, all you got to do is ask.
He hands the tape recorder to his father.
Paul:  You stinkin' snitch.  This is the way you pay me back?  By working with the I.A., huh?
He grabs Tom and pushes him into a locker.  Joel pulls Paul away.
Tom:  You finished?
Paul:  Yeah.  I'm finished.  I'm finished with you.
Tom heads for the door.
Joel:  Tom.  I'd like a word.
Tom:  Maybe some other time, Joel.
Fearless:  Come on, Tom.  You owe him a word.  You, at least, owe the man that.
Tom:  No, I don't owe him anything.  But, if you got something to say, go ahead and say it.
Joel:  I do.  Alone.
Fearless and Paul leave the locker room.
Joel:  Mind if I pat you down?
Tom spreads his arms:  Knock yourself out.
Joel:  Make sure you don't have a second device.  (He frisks Tom, but doesn't find anything.)  I know you got the file, Tom.
Tom:  I don't know what you're talking about.
Joel:  The coroner's file with my baby's autopsy in it.  I know you have it.

Flashback to Trumper and his men searching Joel's home.

Joel:  While they were searching my house, I slipped away and I came here.  I saw you coming out of the locker room.  You told me they were about to search my locker.

Flash to Joel, at police station.  He bumps into Tom outside the locker room.
Tom:  Joel, I.A.'s in there searching your locker.

Joel:  You figured out I had the file inside my locker.  You got to it before they did.  Where is it?  (He bangs his hand against the locker.)  Where's the file?
Tom:  It's in Trumper's office.
Joel:  You already gave it to him?
Tom:  In a manner of speaking.

Flashback to Joel arriving at his home to find I.A. searching it.  Tom is sitting in a car across the street.  When he sees Joel arrive, he drives away.

At the police station, Tom breaks the lock on Joel's locker.  He finds the file hidden inside the locker.  He takes it out, puts another lock on the locker and leaves as the guys from I.A. enter the room.
First I.A.:  Is this the one?
Second I.A.:  Yes, this is it.  Open it.
They cut open the lock.

Tom bumps into Joel outside the locker room.
Tom:  Hey, Joel.  I.A.'s in there, right now, searching your locker, man.

Tom sneaks into Trumper's office.  He picks the lock on a desk
drawer and puts the file at the back of the drawer, behind other files.  As he leaves the room, he sees Trumper and Kelly Stevens entering the building.  He hides in an alcove.
Trumper to Kelly:  Right around here.  (He greets some co-workers.)  Morning, Terri, Marsha.

Tom dials his cell phone:  Hey, Ray.  It's me.  Is Joel there?...Joel.  I need to talk to Joel right away.

Flashback to when Joel, Fearless and Kelly were leaving Trumper's office.
Trumper:  Your wife's an adult, Stevens.  She knew what she was doing.  You don't have to control every move she makes.
Joel grabs Trumper, angrily.
Fearless pulls Joel away:  Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel, come on.  Come on, brother.  It's not worth it.  It's not worth it, man.  Come on, let's go.

As they leave the building, Tom steps out of the alcove:  Trumper.
Trumper:  What are you doing here?

Tom:  I need a moment.
Trumper:  You shouldn't have come here.
Tom:  I just need a moment.
They walk into Trumper's office.
Trumper:  Please tell me you got some good tape on Stevens.
Tom:  No, but I got something even better.
Trumper:  Yeah, what?
Tom:  I found the file.
Trumper:  What?  You did?
Tom:  Yeah.
Trumper:  Where is it?
Tom:  It's still in your desk, where you put it.
Trumper:  Funny. No, seriously, have you got it?
Tom:  No, I am.  I'm serious.  It's in your desk.  Go ahead.  Open your drawer.  Have a look.
Trumper unlocks the desk drawer and sees the file.  He pulls it out and opens it.
Trumper:  This is the file.
Tom:  Oh, come on, Trumper.  Don't act dumb.
Trumper:  What do you mean?
Tom:  Oh, is that how it works in I.A.?  You remove a file, then you accuse a cop of taking it.
Trumper:  What?
Tom:  Come on, Trumper.  That's pretty sleazy.  I can't believe you'd do that.  I mean, even for you, it's pretty low.
Trumper:  You think you can frame me?
Tom:  I have no idea what you're talking about.
Trumper:  You're still wearing your wire, aren't you?
He hurries over and pats Tom's chest.
Tom:  Well, yeah.
Trumper:  You're recording all this.
Tom:  Right.  Exactly as you told me to.  (He takes the tape recorder out of his pocket.)  Right here.  I, also, put a call in to the Inspector General.
Trumper:  You think you're smart?  You think you're clever?  You just made the stupidest mistake of your pathetic little life.  When did you think this up, Genius?
Tom:  When did I decide to do this?  Well, the second you asked me to.  You know, what's bad blood between Stevens and I is between us and it's on the inside.  Trumper, you're on the outside.  How's it feel?

Back in the locker room.
Joel:  You planned it from the moment he asked you?
Tom smiles.
Joel:  Why didn't you say something?
Tom:  'Cause I didn't know if I'd get away with it.
Joel:  You saved my ass, Tom.  You know, if they'd found that file in my locker, that would've been the end of me.
Tom:  Well, I didn't do it for you, Joel.  I just did it.

Joel:  Yeah.  I'm sure your old man will appreciate it.  Well...word of what you did is going to spread pretty quick.  You'll never have to buy yourself a drink in a cop bar again.
Tom:  Yeah, my life's ambition.  Hey, know, that file I put in Trumper's office wasn't quite complete.  (He pulls a folder out of his locker.)
Joel:  What's that?
Tom:  The second autopsy report.  (He hands it to Joel.)

Outside Paul Turcotte's house.
Tom walks up as Paul is getting out of his car with some groceries.
Tom:  Hey, Pop.
Paul:  What are you looking for, an apology?
Tom:  No. I didn't mean to cause you any embarrassment today.  I just couldn't tell anybody, so...I'm sorry.  That's it.
Paul:  You know, don't think you're some kind of hero.  Screwing with Trumper was a bonehead play.  He could've ruined your career.
Tom:  So what?
Paul:  So what?
Tom:  Yeah, so what?  I don't have a family to support, Dad.  I don't have two kids.  I'm not a cop any what?  I'll manage.  I'll move on.
Paul:  Well, what would you do?
Tom:  Uh, I don't know.  Maybe, I'll take up yoga.  Yeah, that's what I'll do.  I'll teach yoga from now on.  You see what kind of women are into yoga these days?
Paul laughs:  Oh, yeah, legs up to here (indicating his neck).  
Tom laughs.
Paul:  You know, I would've loved to see their faces.  Hey.  Why'd you do it?
Tom:  Because I could.
Paul:  A regular Clint Eastwood.
Tom:  Dad, you need a hand with that?
Paul:  Nah.
Tom:  You sure?
Paul:  No.
Tom:  All right, good night.
Paul:  Good night.
Tom walks away.

Joel and Kelly are in Dr. Michael Hirsch's office.
Michael:  You had the file the whole time.  Why?
Joel:  Because it had this.  (He hands Michael a folder.)  It's our daughter's second autopsy report.
Michael:  What's it say?
Joel:  I don't know.  I haven't read it.
Michael:  Why haven't you read it?
Kelly:  'Cause he's afraid I killed our baby.
Joel:  Kelly.
Kelly:  It's the truth.
Joel:  No, it is not.
Kelly to Michael:  I told you about the sleeping pill I took the night our baby died.  I didn't tell you about one other time I took one of those pills.  It was when Willie was a baby.  I had postpartum depression then, too.  I wasn't sleeping and so, I was prescribed these pills.  
Joel:  Kelly, you don't have to do this.
Kelly:  Yes, I do, Joel!  See, what I didn't know was that some people, at some times, have reactions to these pills.
Michael:  That's right.
Kelly:  One night, eight years ago, I had a bad reaction.  I got up without waking up, went to our kitchen, turned on the stove and stuck my hand in the flame, and I left it there.  Joel found me before it got too bad.  And I promised him I'd never take a sleeping pill again.  But, I did take one last year.  I was so desperate for sleep.  It had been so long since that bad reaction, I just, when I woke up and our baby was dead.  I had to face the simple, horrible possibility that, maybe, I did something and I didn't know it.  And I've lived with that possibility ever since.  And so has Joel.
Joel:  Kelly.
Kelly:  You're a cop, Joel.  You wondered.
Joel:  No, I didn't.
Kelly:  You know I took that pill.  When I went to look for the bottle the next day, it was in the trash.  You had already thrown it out.
Joel:  You didn't kill our baby.
Kelly:  You don't know that.
Joel:  Yes, I do.  I, uh, I knew you took the sleeping pill.  I found the bottle that night, not the next morning.  And I was worried because of what happened the last time.  So, I watched you.  I wanted you to get a good night's sleep.  So, I just watched you.
Kelly:  You were watching me?
Joel:  You were so beautiful.  It was so good to see you sleep.  But, I shouldn't have been watching you.  I should've known better, Kelly, because all the time I was watching you, ten feet away...our little baby girl...(He starts to cry.)  I'm sorry, Kelly.  So sorry.  I'm so sorry.  I wasn't careful.  (They embrace.)

Michael:  There wasn't anything you could have done.
Joel:  There is something I could have done.  I could've watched my daughter.
Michael:  You haven't read this.  (indicating the autopsy report)
Joel shakes his head.
Michael:  You should have.  What was your baby's name?
Joel and Kelly:  Emma.
Michael:  Well, according to this, Emmas had a brain aneurysm.  It was bound to go off, then or in grade school or as a young mother with three children, herself.  There is nothing you could have done, even if she was in your arms.  Your little girl got dealt a bad card.  So did you.
Joel and Kelly hug each other.

Joel and Kelly are in a restaurant.
Kelly:  Do you realize how long it's been since we've been out to dinner, just the two of us?
Joel:  Yeah, but I could've taken you some place better, though.  This is where I get coffee.
Kelly:  I don't care about the food.  I just like being alone with you.  I'd like it if we saw more of Dr. Hirsch and not as a lawyer.
Joel:  Okay.
Kelly:  And there's something I didn't tell you in there, that I want you to hear.
Joel:  Okay.
Kelly:  Thank you.
Joel:  For what?
Kelly:  For saving my life.
They kiss.