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Trivia Quiz #2

1. How many actors from HBO's mini-series "Band of Brothers" appeared in the first season of "Boomtown"?
(Added bonus if you can name them.)
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4

2. Which newspaper does Andrea work for?
A. The LA Times
B. The Tribune
C. The Daily News

3. What is the name of Ray Hechler's wife?
A. Cherie
B. Sheila
C. Kelly

4. In the episode "Insured by Smith and Wesson", who shot the turkey?
A. Tom
B. Ray
C. Reggie Flood (one of the bad guys)

5. What is the name of Katrina's (the Russian lady) daughter?
A. Lana
B. Lara
C. Linda

6. Which character does Dorian Harewood portray?
A. DA Ben Fletcher
B. Captain Ron Hicks
C. Detective Danny Ramos

7. How much did it cost Fearless to spend the night with the red-haired hooker?
A. $500
B. $1000
C. $600

8. Tom Turcotte became involved with a policewoman named
A. Kathy Crane
B. Karen Crane
C. Karen Collins

9.  In the episode, "Fearless", which actor co-wrote the story with Graham Yost?
A. Donnie Wahlberg
B. Neal McDonough
C. Mykelti Williamson

10. What is the name of Teresa's partner?
A. Randy
B. Danny
C. Bobby

If you got 0 to 3 Correct:
You need more "Boomtown" on a daily basis.
If you got 4 to 6 Correct:
Not bad.
If you got 7 to 9 Correct:
Very good!
If you got all 10 Correct:
Congratulations!  You should create the next quiz.  :)

If you enjoyed this quiz and would like to see more, let me know via the Feedback form.