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In a mostly abandoned warehouse, a roomful of telemarketers are placing calls for a charity.  One of them, Kenny, dials a number.
An elderly woman answers:  Hello.
Kenny:  Good morning.  How would you like to save a child's life?
Elderly Woman:  What child?
Kenny:  Samantha Jo McCreely, for one.
Elderly Woman:  Who's she?
Kenny reads from a script:  Sammy Jo is a ten-year-old girl living in Stockton, California, with her mother and four brothers.  She's suffering from a rare childhood bone cancer.
Elderly Woman:  Oh, dear Lord, that's a shame.
Kenny:  Yes, ma'am, it is.
Elderly Woman:  I'm living on a pension and I'm afraid I don't have any extra money.
Kenny hangs up on her and calls out to his supervisor:  I need a break.
Supervisor:  ___ is off now.  He'll be back at 9:00.  You can go, then.
Kenny looks at the clock.  It's 8:50.  He dials another number.
Kenny:  Good morning.  How would you like to save a child's life?
A man answers:  Help me!  Please!  He's going to kill me!  God, I'm bleeding!
Kenny calls over his supervisor:  Hey, you gotta hear this.
The supervisor walks over and plugs his headset into Kenny's console.
Man on phone:  Why are you doing this?
Second Man:  Why am I doing this?!  You banged my wife and you ask me why I'm doing this?!
First Man:  Your wife?
Supervisor:  Who is it?
Kenny:  I don't know.  It's a hoax, right?
Second Man:  Laura is my wife!  I followed you home from Ivan's and I saw you give it to her, right here.  You might as well deny it, moron, because I'm going to kill you, anyway.  And then, you know what I'm going to do?  I'm going to see Laura at her doctor's at noon and I'm going to put her lights out, too.
First Man:  You freakin' freakshow!  She thinks you're a joke!
Several gunshots are heard.  The supervisor drops his cup of coffee.
Second Man:  How about that?  Is that a joke?

Detectives Joel Stevens and Bobby 'Fearless' Smith follow Kenny into an abandoned office suite.
Kenny:  The supervisor and all the other guys said it was a hoax.  Someone just screwing with a telemarketer.
Joel:  Where is everyone?
Fearless:  Are you sure we've got the right floor, Chief?
Kenny:  How could they have packed everything?  I was only gone 30 minutes.
Joel:  What's going on here, Kenny?
Kenny:  Well, the American Childhood Cancer Society doesn't technically, actually, exist.
Fearless:  A scam charity.
Joel:  Are you making money off of sick kids, Kenny?
Kenny:  Look, when I answered the ad, I thought I was going to be selling long-distance.
Joel:  Uh-huh.  This doesn't, exactly, help your credibility.
Kenny:  I heard what I heard.
Joel:  All right.  What time did you make the call?
Kenny:  10 to 9.
Fearless:  Precisely?
Kenny:  Yes.  I was getting a break at 9:00 and I was watching the clock, closely.  I smoke and you can't smoke inside any more.
Fearles:  Yeah.  Yeah, I know that.
Joel:  You know why you can't smoke inside any more?  So the people you work with don't get sick and die.
Fearless smirks at him:  Any chance you remember the number you called?
Kenny:  No, but I remember the exchange.  You roll calls, one exchange at a time, and this one stuck out.  747 - like the plane.

Fearless is talking on his cell phone:  Thanks.  (He hangs up the phone.)
Kenny:  And then, he said 'I'm going to kill you and then I'm going to go kill Laura at her doctor's at noon'.
Joel:  His exact words?
Kenny:  Pretty much.
Joel:  And then, what?
Kenny:  And then, I think he killed him.
Fearless and Joel walk away from Kenny.
Fearless:  I had the phone company check calls going out of here five minutes either side of 8:50, just to be safe.  In those 10 minutes, eleven calls went out to the 747 exchange.  The operator tried them all.  We got one 'no answer'.
Joel:  All right.  We got an address?
Fearless:  Yeah.
As Joel and Fearless walk out of the room, the clock on the wall reads 9:25.

Joel and Fearless walk up to the front door of a house.
Fearless:  You think the phone call was a hoax?
Joel:  I don't know.  The next time one of those damn telemarketers calls at dinner time, I might try it, myself.  You want to look around?
Fearless:  Yeah.
They go around opposites sides of the house, looking in the windows.
Joel calls out:  Fearless!  It's no hoax.
Fearless walks around, looks in the window and sees a body.
Joel uses his cell phone:  Control.  This is Detective Joel Stevens.  We have a 187 at 1015 Bendix Ave.

As police officers search the house and take photographs of the body, Fearless is talking on his cell phone:  Detective Robert Smith.  Yeah, just have her call me as soon as she gets in.  I just need to speak with her.  Right.  Thanks.
Fearless to Joel:  She's not working this morning.
Joel:  Well, I'm glad you left your name.
Fearless:  Why?
Joel:  Because that's not exactly the kind of call that I want to make.  Vanessa Griggs, your husband is dead.  If that's not enough to ruin your day, it looks like he was killed by the husband of some woman named Laura that he was nailing.
They walk out of the house and see Officers Ray Hechler and Tom Turcotte.
Joel:  You got something?
Ray:  The lady across the street says she saw the vic drive off in his pickup around 9:00.
Joel:  She saw the victim drive off, Ray?  Or she saw the pickup drive off?
Ray:  Well, being as he was dead by then, Joel, I guess she saw the pickup.
Fearless laughs:  Well, the shooter could have taken it.
Joel:  Yeah, but why would he leave in someone else's car?  Tom!  We get a description?
Tom:  Yeah.  Blue pickup, a Chevy, extended cab and sometimes its got pool-cleaning equipment in it, but not this morning.  It was empty.  That's what the vic did.  He was a pool cleaner.
Ray:  We're running the plates with the DMV.
Joel:  All right.  (He notices Fearless staring at the street in front of the house.)  What's up?  Fearless, what is it?
Fearless points at the street:  It looks like window glass.
Ray:  Maybe somebody lost a radio?
Fearless:  Maybe.
Ray:  It ain't exactly Beverly Hills around here.
Fearless walks across the street and sees a garage door that is slightly ajar.  He opens the garage and finds a car with several broken windows.  
Joel:  Okay, Ray.  Run these plates and see who this car belongs to.
Fearless searches inside the car and finds a wallet:  Hey!  I got something.
He opens it up and sees the driver's license:  Wilson Minor.

Wilson walks into his apartment and sees his wife doing yoga in the living room.
Wilson:  Hey, Laura.
Laura:  Oh, sweetie!  Hey!  I'm glad you stopped me.  That next pose was brutal.
Wilson:  I - uh- I saw some guy on my way in.
Laura:  Oh, yeah.  That's Chris.  He's the pool man.  He's here to fix the filter.
Wilson:  At night?
Laura:  Yeah, he couldn't fit us in today and I wanted to make sure the hot tub was fixed, so he came by late.  You want a hot tub?  How was your day?
Wilson:  It's good now.
Laura:  I don't like the sound of that.  Come here.  You sit down.  I'm going to get you some water and you tell me all about your day.
She brings hims the water:  Now, what happened?
Wilson:  Nothing.  That's just it.  Every day's the same.  Here I am, putting on my shoes.  Here I am, brushing my teeth.  I feel like I'm still waiting for my life to begin.
Laura:  Well, thanks!  What about me?  What about the kids?
Wilson:  I love you.
Laura:  I love you, too.  Ohhh....I have something I want to show you.  I've been taking a class at the gym with Karen.  Just as a joke, you know, but it's a blast.
Wilson:  What is it?
Laura:  You just watch.
She puts on some music - "I Want You To Want Me" by  Cheap Trick - and performs a sexy dance routine.
Laura:  Whooo!  It's called strippercise.  Don't you love it?
Wilson:  Yeah.
Laura walks over to him:  Don't you worry about the kids, Daddy.  Because they're fast asleep.  Now, you just sit back and let Mommy entertain you.
Wilson lies back on the bed, as Laura begins dancing above him.
Wilson:  I - uh - I know that guy wasn't here to fix the pool.  I know he's your boyfriend.

The picture fades to white, then we see Wilson standing in Chris Griggs' bedroom.  The phone is off the hook and the operator says:  If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again.  If you need help...

Flash to Wilson on a stairway.  He sees Chris and Laura walking out of the house.
Laura:  You didn't have to hit him.
Chris:  Yeah, I did.

Flash to Chris punching Wilson in the face.

Flash to Wilson standing outside of a bedroom window, watching Chris and Laura make love.
Chris:  Say it.
Laura:  What, baby?  All those men.  There they are, watching my breasts, my ass.  And you're the only one...the only one who gets to touch.  Do you like that?

Flashback to Chris' bedroom and the telephone off the hook:   If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again...

Flash to a windshield breaking.  We hear Chris' voice, as he hits the windows of Wilson's car with a baseball bat:  You creepy little freak!  You follow us?  You creepy little freak!  You follow us?  You creepy little freak!  You follow us?

Flashback to Chris' bedroom.  Wilson fires the gun repeatedly.  Then, he walks over, picks up the telephone and hangs it up as we hear him say:  I'm going to see Laura at her doctor's at noon...I'm going to see Laura at her doctor's at noon and I'm going to put her lights out, too...and I'm going to put her lights out, too.  
There's a calendar on the wall.  Wilson tears part of it off and walks out of the house.  He sees Chris' truck with the door open.

A man (Ivan Vronsky) is waiting in a room that's undergoing major reconstruction.  David McNorris walks in.
David:  Hey!  I'm David McNorris.  I'm the Deputy District Attorney.  The police asked...
David's cell phone rings.  He looks at the number and answers it:  Hello, wife of mine...No, no, not too busy to talk to you...Am I where?...Oh, no, no, I didn't go to the club today.  Remember, I told you I was going to try that new gym on Melrose with the glass brick walls in front of the showers, so people can kinda peek in from the street...Are you kidding me?  I stopped traffic.  Look, honey, I'm in the middle of this thing.  The police, they asked for a little advice on this case.  So...okay...yeah.
He hangs up the phone and turns to the man:  Let me tell you why I'm here.  The police asked me if there were any legal reason I could find to compel you to help them.  The trouble is - I couldn't find a reason.
Ivan:  That's exactly what I told them.
David:  Maybe, we could get a search warrant.
Ivan:  A search warrant?  To search what?  My brain?  I have nothing written down.
David:  Even, then, it would be too late.  The guy's wife is going to be dead in what?  An hour and a half?
Ivan:  I don't want any harm to come to anyone, but my business depends on discretion.  Who attends my parties must remain my secret or I'm out of business.
David:  No, no, I understand your position.  I really do.  But, now, I need you to understand mine.  As I was saying, the police think I'm in here working up some kind of legal strategy to force you to give them information they need, but that's not why I'm here.  The reason I am here is because I'm going to ask you a favor.
Ivan:  Oh, I wish I could...
David:  Shhhh...I think you're going to want to hear this.  As a kid, growing up in Dorchester, Massachusetts - it's this tough little suburb just outside Boston - my father had the title, Supervisor of Public Works.  But, that's not what he did.  Do you want to know what he did?  He fixed things.  People with power needed things to be done, they called ole Jackie Boy and let me tell you, he got things done.  Now, my father taught me lots of things...lots of things.  One of the things he did teach me was how to hurt someone without leaving any bruises.  I'm talking excruciating pain without leaving any marks.  You know how he did it?  He went for the internal organs.  Let me show you how he did it.
David takes off his jacket and hands it to Ivan:  If you don't mind, could you hold this for me?  Thanks.
David walks over to a wall:  See, what he'd do - you want to go for the spleen.  See, right underneath the ribcage.  (He punches the wall with his fist.)  Or, maybe, one in the liver.  (He punches the wall again.)  One of his favorite ones - cause, believe me, I know - was going for the kidney.  (He punches the wall so hard that his fist goes through the dry wall.)  One kidney shot and you're pissing blood for a month.  (He pulls his hand out of the hole in the wall.  It's bleeding.)  Whooo!  So...the favor I'm going to ask you is really quite simple.  Don't help the police.  Don't tell them who was at your party last night.  Don't help them stop a guy from killing his wife.  Just don't.  Because, let me tell you, I'm not in a good mood, today.  And there's nothing I'd rather do than beat that supercilious look off of your face.  You got me?

David and Andrea Little enter her apartment.
David:  You know, he's going to kill her at noon.
Andrea:  You had me leave work and meet you here to tell me this?
David:  It's a good story.  I would have thought you wanted it.
Andrea:  You could have told me on the phone.
David, as he pours himself a drink:  I wanted to see you.
Andrea:  Twice in one day?
David:  Not like that.  Marian came by the club this morning, looking for me.
Andrea:  You weren't at the club this morning.
David:  Really?  Where was I?  (He puts his injured hand in the ice bucket.)
Andrea:  Does she suspect?
David:  No.
Andrea:  What would she do if she found out?  She - uh - is she like this jealous husband?  Would she come over here and shoot me?
David:  Oh, come on.
Andrea:  I'm serious, David.  What would she do if she found out?  Or more to the point, what would you do?
David:  You don't want to have this conversation today.
Andrea:  What conversation did you want, David?
David:  You know what I've been thinking about all day, today?  My Dad.  I've been thinking about how we used to drive around town and he'd let me sit in the car while he'd walk upstairs and 'talk' to a guy.  But, years later, I found out it wasn't just guys he was talking to.  It was the Widow Dooley.  It was Sharon Flanagan.  Probably, half a dozen others.  So, what's really burning me is this - other than a nicer suit, am I just like him?
Andrea:  I don't know.  Are you?  Is there more than the Widow Flanagan in your life?
David:  Dooley.  No.  There's just you.  (He reaches out to caress her hair.)
Andrea:  So far.  That's what scares you.
David:  I shouldn't have come here.  What I should have done?  I should have gone to the gym, gone a few rounds with Sharkey, have him beat my ass.  (He pours himself another drink.)
Andrea's cell phone rings.
Andrea:  I have to get this.  Hey, Helen...what channel?
She turns on the television.  There's a news report and footage of a police chase.  The announcer says:  ...the driver of the pickup is Wilson Minor.  He's currently the main suspect in...
Andrea to phone:  I can be in the car in two seconds.  Bye.
She hangs up the phone.  The television announcer says:  It is reported that the suspect may be travelling in the victim's car...
Andrea to David:  I gotta go.  I'm doing a piece on police chases and I want to get the reactions of people on the ground.
David:  The blue pickup?  The jealous husband.  The guy the cops are looking for.  Go get him.
Andrea leaves her apartment.

Tom and Ray are in their patrol car.  They turn a corner and see a long line of patrol cars in pursuit of the blue pickup truck.
Ray:  There they are.  Tell them.
Tom picks up the radio:  Control, 1Frank49.  We are joining the pursuit of the Bendix homicide suspect.  Please notify the WC that, as the primary unit at the original crime scene, we requrest permission to take over the pursuit.
Radio:  1Frank49, roger that.
Tom:  They're going to love us.
Ray:  Who?  Taylor and Ed?  They snaked that Mulholland chase from us last week.  What goes around, comes around.
Radio:  1Frank49, be advised.  The WC says you are now primary.
Tom:  Control, 1Frank49.  Roger.
Ray speeds up and passes the other patrol cars.
Ray:  Wave to the little people, Thomas.
Tom waves to the police officers as they pass them.
Tom:  This guy, Wilson, what's he thinking?  He's not getting away.  They never get away.  Best possible outcome is we cuff him hard and hit him over the head with our sticks.  That's the best possible outcome.
Radio:  Attention all units.  Spike strips have been laid down at the 7th St. over-crossing.

The suspect's pickup screeches to a sudden halt, as the driver sees the spike strips.  The police cars, also, stop.  Suddenly, a man in the crowd runs into the street and jumps into the back of the pickup.  He raises his hands above his head, triumphantly and yells:  Yeah!  Charlene!!
Tom:  What the hell is he doing?


A man, wearing a sweatshirt with the word 'Doofus' written on it, is in the crowd of people following the police chase.  He is holding a cricket bat and talking on his cell phone.
Doofus:  Hey, Charlene...Who do you think it is?  It's your old pal, Doofus.  That's what you called me, Charlene.  Hey, before I forget, how's Stanley?  Is he selling a lot of soap these days?  Oh, that really must be so exciting for you.  Um-hmm.  Unless, of course, you're banging somebody else behind his back.  Are you?  You are known for that, Charlene.
Andrea walks up and begins talking to a woman standing nearby:  Excuse me.  I'm with the Tribune.  May I ask you some questions?
Woman:  About what?
Andrea:  About what it is that you're doing out here.
Woman:  Sure.
Andrea:  Okay.  What are you doing out here?
Doofus to phone:  I just wanted to let you know that this, uh, useless, dog turd, ex-boyfriend is about to do something useful...Just turn on you TV and you'll find out what, Charlene.  Turn on your TV!  Bye-bye.
Andrea:  What do you think about it?
Woman:  I think he's crazy.  Doesn't he know they're going to get him?  He must not watch TV.
Doofus walks over to them:  He come by already?
Andrea:  Uh, no.
Doofus:  Of course not.  Why else would everybody be standing here?  If he came by, everybody would just be staring at the street.  God, I hate it when I ask stupid questions.
Andrea:  You got a match later?
Doofus:  Huh?
Andrea:  The cricket bat.
Doofus:  Oh, is that what that is?  
Andrea:  Yeah.
Doofus:  I just found it sticking out of the trash.
The pickup truck screeches to a halt in front of them.  Doofus runs out and jumps into the back of the truck.
Doofus:  Yeah!  Charlene!  Charlene!!
The truck starts up abruptly and Doofus falls out onto the street.

In the back of an ambulance, Doofus is on a stretcher as Teresa attends to his injuries.
Doofus laughs:  Hey.  Wouldn't it be cool if, because I hit my head and everything, I could see the future from now on?
Teresa:  Yeah.  Actually, that would be cool.
Doofus:  Yeah...

Sitting in the patrol car, Ray and Tom watch Doofus jump into the rear of the truck.
Ray:  Oh, this is good.
Tom:  What the hell is he doing?
Ray uses the radio's loudspeaker:  Man with Bat, get out of the street.  Man with Bat, get out of the street!
The truck starts up and Doofus falls out on his head.
Ray:  Ohhh....
The truck goes around the spike strips and Ray follows in the patrol car.  As he drives by Doofus, he
Police radio:  1Frank49, Control.  The WC requests that you make an attempt to stop suspect vehicle as soon as possible.
Tom to radio:  1Frank49, Roger.
Tom to Ray:  You just love this part, don't you?
Ray:  Are you kidding?  What's not to love?  A grown man getting paid to run a bad guy off the road.
Ray:  Ramming speed.
He rams the patrol car into the truck, which flips several times before coming to a rest on its cab.

Joel and Fearless are searching Chris Griggs' bedroom, as someone examines his body.
Fearless:  No answer at Wilson's house.  Look at this.  (He indicates a calendar hanging on the wall.)  Someone tore a page out of it.  They tore this month off the calendar.
The person examining the body says:  I got something.
Joel walks over and takes the folded piece of paper:  Let me see that.
He opens it up and reads the check:  $1,000 to Christopher Griggs, dated yesterday.
Fearless:  From who?
Joel:  Ivan Vronsky Productions.  Let's go find Ivan.

Joel and Fearless enter the open door of a mansion.  Ivan Vronsky and a woman are talking.
Woman:  There are stains on the throw rug in the upstairs bathroom.
Ivan:  I'm sure there are.  
Woman:  What are they?
Ivan:  What do you think?
Woman:  That's disgusting.
She notices Joel and Fearless:  Yes?
Fearless shows her his badge as Joel says:  LAPD.
Woman:  What do you want?
Ivan:  It's probably about the snuff film we shot in the basement.  Wait till you see those stains.
Woman:  What?!
Ivan:  I'm kidding.  I'm just kidding.  The detectives know I'm kidding, don't you?
Joel, as he looks around the messy room:  Yeah.  Yeah, it looks like you had some party here, last night.
Ivan on his cell phone:  Gerald.  How are you?...Well, I'm here at the house and two detectives from the LAPD have come to visit...Yes.
Ivan to Joel and Fearless:  My lawyer would like to have a word.
Joel:  We don't want to speak to him.
Ivan to phone:  Yes?  Okay.
Ivan to Joel and Fearless:  Well, I can assure you that my party was fully permitted.  All of my parties are.  I'm scrupulous in that regard.  We've had people around here try to shut us down on dozens of occastions and each time, I've come out smelling like a rose.
Joel, as he brushes past Ivan:  Excuse me.
Fearless:  So, what exactly happens at your parties?
Ivan:  I provide the very best in exotic dancing entertainment for a select clientele.
Joel:  Private strip shows for rich people.
Ivan:  How very to the point.  Lest you concern yourself, there are no drugs.  The girls are all over 21 and there's no sex.  Just the illusion of sex.  The promise of sex.  Sex is in the very air, but no sex, per se.
Fearless:  We need to know who was at your party last night.
Ivan:  I'm afraid I can't help you with that.
Joel points to Ivan's cell phone.
Ivan to phone:  Ah, one of them does want to talk to you.
Joel takes the phone:  Yes.  You can tell your client we're not here about permits.  We're here because someone who came to his party last night, was murdered this morning.  And if we don't find the murderer within two hours, your client is going to be facing obstruction, interfering with an official investigation and aiding in the commission of a homicide.  Can you get him a permit for any of that?
Joel hands the phone back to Ivan.
Ivan to phone:  Yes.
He hangs up the phone:  My lawyer says to get a warrant.
Joel:  Listen to me, you son of a bitch, a woman is going to be murdered.
Fearless:  No, no, no, you want to play hard ball?  We got a lawyer in our pocket, too, Chief.
Fearless dials a number on his cell phone:  Detective Robert Smith.  Put me through.

David McNorris walks downstairs after questioning Ivan Vronsky.
David:  He's all yours, fellows.
Fearless:  So, what did you say to him?
David:  Oh, let's just say, I asked him for a favor.
David leaves as Joel and Fearless go upstairs.

At Ivan Vrosky's mansion, Joel and Fearless are questioning him in an upstairs room.
Fearless:  Was he here last night?
Ivan:  Wilson?  Yeah, he's one of our most valued customers.  He's been coming for months.
Joel:  Was his wife here with him?
Ivan:  His wife?
Joel:  Yeah.  We have reason to believe that Wilson saw someone leave here, last night, with his wife.
Ivan:  Wilson isn't married.  At least, not in real life.  Wilson is a very wealthy man.  He's one of those horrible dot-commers who got out at the right time.  At any rate, as a very wealthy man, he can afford anything he wants and he wanted this.
Joel walks over to a crib and picks up a teddy bear:  Yeah, but, what the hell is this?
Ivan:  Happily wedded bliss.  He had this whole Yummy Mummy fantasy.  Hot wife, yoga turning into a show.  He paid well for it.  He and one of the dancers, Vanessa, would role-play.
Fearless:  Vanessa Griggs?
Ivan:  Yes.  Who he referred to as his wife, as Laura.
Joel:  Vanessa and her husband, Chris, were here last night, with Wilson?
Ivan:  Yes.
Joel:  What happened last night?
Ivan:  I heard a whistle.
Joel:  A whistle?
Ivan:  If one of the dancers needs help in one of the private rooms, they blow a...
Joel:  Wait.  Vanessa was in trouble?  She needed help?
Ivan:  Apparently, Wilson touched her.  They're not allowed to touch.  Ever.  It's a cardinal rule.  So, Chris and Vanessa left.  I didn't think it was a big deal.
Fearless:  But, it was.
Ivan:  Sometimes, these wealthy men, these wealthy, lonely men develop such a focus on one dancer, that they do something really stupid.  More stupid even than touching.  They fall in love.
Fearless' cell phone rings:  Detective Smith....Thanks.
He hangs up the phone:  I think we just found Wilson.
Joel:  What?
Fearless walks over and turns on the television.  They're showing the police chase.  
Joel:  Is that Wilson?
Fearless:  That's Chris' pickup.
The television announcer says:  What you're seeing on your screen, now, is the suspect in the Bendix Avenue shooting.  The suspect appears to be heading southbound.  However, he is...

Joel and Fearless walk out of the house.
Joel:  How did Wilson know about that doctor's appointment?
Fearless:  Yeah, well, 10-1, it was on that missing calendar page.
Fearless on his cell phone:  Yes.  This is Detective Smith, again.  Would anyone there know which doctor Vanessa Griggs goes to see?  I'll hold.
Joel:  This call's getting better and better.  Vanessa Griggs, we have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is your husband was murdered by some guy that you danced for and now, he wants to kill you, too.  The good news is he's, also, the guy in the car chase on TV.

Flash to the pickup truck flipping over.  Joel and Fearless drive up.  They get out of their car and join Ray and Tom, who are crouched behind the doors of their patrol car.
Tom calls out:  Wilson!
Joel:  Any movement?
Ray:  No.
Tom:  Wilson!  Can you hear me?  Wilson!  If you can hear me, show me your hands!
A man climbs out of the overturned truck.  He's bleeding and holding a knife to his own throat.  He says:  My name is Luis Valdoriso.  I'm trying to get to Santa Monica.
Joel:  It's not Wilson.  (He and Fearless run back to their car.)
Tom:  It's not Wilson!
Ray:  Get on the ground, now!
Luis:  I'm trying to find my girlfriend, Lucinda...
Ray:  Do it, now!
Joel and Fearless are in their car.
Fearless to his radio:  This is Detective Robert Smith.  There's been a development.
Joel to his radio:  Control, contact units at Dr. Riga's office.  Suspect Wilson Minor is still at large.

Joel and Fearless enter an office building with their guns drawn.  The receptionist runs down the hall towards them.
Joel shows her his badge:  LAPD.
The receptionist points behind her:  Go!  There's a man with a gun.
Fearless:  Is Vanessa Griggs in there?
Receptionist:  Yes.
Joel and Fearless go down the hall to the doctor's office.  From behind the closed door, they hear three shots.

Teresa is in the back of the ambulance with Doofus.
Doofus:  Wouldn't it be cool if, because I hit my head and everything, I could see the future from now on?
Teresa:  Yeah.  Actually, that would be cool. 

Teresa is standing in the crowd, as Luis Valdoriso climbs out of the truck.
Ray:  Down on the ground!  Do it, now.
Luis:  My name is Luis Valdoriso.
Joel:  It's not Wilson.  (He and Fearless leave the scene.)
Tom:  It's not Wilson!
Luis:  I'm trying to get to Santa Monica.
Ray:  Anything you say will be used against you.
Luis:  I'm trying to find my girlfriend, Lucinda..
A police officer shoots him.  As he collapses, Teresa runs toward him.

In the back of the ambulance, Luis opens his eyes.
Luis:  Oww!
Teresa:  Yeah.  You got hit by one of these.  It's a bean bag.  So, Luis Valdoriso, tell me about your girlfriend, Lucinda.
Luis:  She was the love of my life.  A year ago, she came north with her sister.  We wrote letters, but they became more infrequent.  So, six months ago, I followed her.  She already had a new life here.
Teresa:  Okay.  Now, tell me how you ended up in the truck.

Flash to Luis doing yard work.
Luis:  I heard, yesterday, that Lucinda was getting married.  I tried to put it out of my mind, but I couldn't.
Teresa:  And the truck?
Luis:  See?  That's the thing.  That's why I thought I was on a mission from God or something.

Flash to Luis seeing the truck.
Luis:  The door was open.  The key was in the ignition.  The engine was running.  So, I got in and off, I went.
As he drives off, we see Wilson walk down the steps of the Griggs' home.

Luis:  Of course, it wasn't long after I started driving that I began to question the whole mission from God thing.

Flash to Doofus in the back of the pickup:  Yeah!  Charlene!

Flash to Ray ramming his patrol car into the pickup.  The pickup flips several times.

Luis:  One thing I do not understand.
Teresa:  What's that?
Luis:  I know I stole the truck, my mission from God, notwithstanding.  But, why were there so many police chasing me?  It's not like I killed someone.  Whose truck did I steal?


Chris is cleaning a pool.  He looks up and sees Wilson, watching him from an upstairs window.
Chris mutters to himself:  That's right.  Make sure I get every last freakin' leaf.  Go inside.  Go on.  Go inside so I can piss in your pool.

Flash to the party at Ivan's house:  Chris watches Vanessa strip.  He sees Wilson talking to her.

A whistle blows.
Chris walks into the bedroom and sees Wilson kneeling on the floor in front of Vanessa.
Wilson jumps up:  Hunh!
Chris:  What happened?
Vanessa:  He touched me.
Wilson:  I didn't...I did...but, I...
Chris:  You touched her?
Vanessa:  He just touched my foot.
Wilson:  I just...
Chris:  You know you can never touch, right?  You know that.
Wilson:  It was a mistake.  I...I just...
Chris:  Wilson, you're a great customer.  So, I hate to say this.  That's it.
Wilson:  What do you mean?
Chris to Wilson:  You broke the rules.  It's over.
Chris to Vanessa:  Come on.  Let's go.
Wilson:  Chris, no...
Chris:  Let's go!
Wilson:  Chris, no!  Laura.  Vanessa.  What do you want?  Vanessa?
Chris:  Wilson, I said, it's over.
Wilson:  Will you let her answer for herself?  What are you?  Her pimp?
Chris punches Wilson in the face.
Vanessa:  Chris!  Chris!
Chris spits at Wilson before leaving the room.

Vanessa and Chris walk out of the house.
Vanessa:  You didn't have to hit him.
Chris:  Yeah, I did.  You think I wanted to lose him as a customer?  What's he doing, touching your foot, anyway?
Vanessa:  I don't know.

Vanessa and Chris are making love.
Chris:  Say it.
Vanessa:  What, baby?
Chris:  You know.
Vanessa:  All those men.  There they are, watching my breasts, my ass.  And you're the only one...the only one who gets to touch.

The next morning, Vanessa gets in her car.
Chris:  We'll talk about it tonight, okay?
Vanessa:  Okay.
Vanessa drives off and Chris gets in his truck.  He sees Wilson's car parked across the street.  Wilson is asleep in the driver's seat.  Chris gets a baseball bat, crosses the street and shatters the car's windshield.  Wilson wakes up.  Chris breaks the window on the driver's side of the car.
Chris:  You follow us?  You creepy little freak!  You follow us?!
Wilson picks up a gun and shoots Chris.  Chris staggers back, then runs into the house, as Wilson shoots at him, again.

Inside the house, Chris locks the front door and runs into the bedroom.  The phone is ringing.  He picks up the receiver.
Kenny on the phone:  Good morning.  How would you like to save a child's life?
Chris:  Help me!  Please!  He's going to kill me!  God, I'm bleeding!
Chris drops the receiver as Wilson breaks through the bedroom door.  
Chris to Wilson:  You freakin' freakshow!  She thinks you're a joke!
Wilson shoots him three times.
Wilson:  How about that?  Is that a joke?

In the bedroom, Vanessa is dancing for Wilson.
Wilson:  I know that guy wasn't here to fix the pool.  I know he's your boyfriend.
Vanessa laughs:  My boyfriend?  When I have a husband like you?
Wilson:  Forget that.  Forget all that fantasy stuff.  Is he your boyfriend?
Vanessa:  Why?
Wilson:  Is he?
Vanessa:  No.
Wilson gets down on his knees:  Will you be my wife?
Vanessa:  Oh, Wilson.  That's very sweet.
Wilson:  No, it's not sweet.  I'm serious.  I want to marry you.
Vanessa:  No, Wilson, you don't want to marry me.  I'm a dancer.
Wilson:  I can see your heart.
Vanessa:  Sweetie, you've seen more than my heart.
Wilson:  But, it's your heart I fell in love with.
Vanessa:  I'm just playing a part.  I could be Miss Queen Bitch, U.S.A.
Wilson:  But, you're not.
Vanessa:  Look...thanks, but I'm already married.
Wilson:  But, you said...uh...
Vanessa:  I said he wasn't my boyfriend.  I'm sorry.
Wilson: can't be married.
He cradles her foot in his hands:  No way.  What kind of husband would let you do this?
Vanessa:  Wilson, I'm flattered by your offer, but I cannot accept.  And I don't want to discuss this any further, okay?
Wilson:  I'll take you away from this.  (He kisses her foot.)
Vanessa:  Wilson, just let go.
Wilson:  I'm begging you!
Vanessa:  Let go.  
Wilson:  You won't have to do this any more...
Vanessa:  Wilson, just let go.  Let go!
Wilson, still kissing her foot:  Please!  I'm...
Vanessa reaches over to a nearby table and picks up a whistle.  She blows it.
Chris opens the door and walks in.

Flash to Vanessa and Chris making love.
Chris:  Say it.
Vanessa:  What, baby?
Chris:  You know.
Vanessa:  All those men.  There they are, watching my breasts, my ass.  And you're the only one...the only one who gets to touch.  Yeah, you like that?  Yeah, baby.  (She blows the hair out of her eyes, obviously bored with the game.)

Flash to the next morning when Vanessa and Chris are walking to their cars.
Vanessa:  I just don't want to do it any more.
Chris:  Is this because of what happened with that Wilson guy last night?
Vanessa:  Oh, no.  No.  That poor guy.
Chris:  Poor guy?
Vanessa:  Look, sweetie, I'm going to start showing in a few weeks, anyway.
She gets in her car.
Chris:  Let's just talk about this tonight, okay?
Vanessa:  Okay.

Vanessa enters the doctor's office and walks over to the receptionist.
Vanessa:  Hi, I'm Vanessa Griggs.
Receptionist:  Oh, yes, Mrs. Griggs.  Dr. Riga would like you wait in an exam room.
They walk down the hall.  Wilson comes up behind them, pushes the receptionist out of the way, and grabs Vanessa's arm.
Wilson:  Wait...wait.
Vanessa:  Wilson!
Wilson:  We gotta go.
Vanessa:  What are you doing here?
Wilson:  We gotta go, now.  We gotta go to the airport.
Vanessa:  You better leave, Wilson!
Wilson:  I'll explain later!
Receptionist:  Sir, I believe the lady asked you to leave.
Wilson:  Hey!  How about you leave, instead?
He fires two shots into the ceiling.  A doctor comes into the hall.  Wilson fires a shot at him.  The doctor ducks and runs away.
Wilson:  Okay, look...uh, I had a with your husband this morning. didn't go too well.
Vanessa:  Wait...what happened?
Wilson:  Well...uh...
Fearless calls out:  Yo, Wilson!  
He steps into the hall:  Yo!  Yo, Wilson!  Yo, man.  What in God's name are you doing, man?
Wilson:  Who are you?
Fearless:  Never mind who I am.  Just let me ask you one question.  Did you come in here to kill her?
Wilson:  What?
Fearless:  I mean, that's what you said on the phone this morning when you were talking to her husband, Chris.
Vanessa:  Chris?  Why were you talking to Chris?
Wilson to Fearless:  Who are you?
Fearless:  I'm the lady's manager.  All right?  She's a performer.  I'm her manager.  So, when I hear over the telephone that some gun-toting yak-monkey is going to pink my employee of the month, I get a little scrappy, you know what I'm saying?  So, is that why you came here?
Wilson:  I...uh...I didn't come to...noooo, I just said that to annoy him.  She's the last person in the world that I would hurt.
Fearless:  Yeah, but I'm still left with one outstanding question.  If you didn't come in here to harm the lady, why do you got that gun pointed at her?
Wilson:  No.  I don't know who you are or what you think you're doing, but you better leave.
Fearless:  You think I'm just going to walk off and leave you with my best performer?  You better unplug and take a look at the real world, you know what I'm saying?  Vanessa, come here!
Wilson:  I think you better leave!  (He points the gun at Fearless.)
Fearless:  That supposed to scare me?  Come on, man.  You don't think I've never been shot by no .22 before?  Me and my brother used to play cops and robbers with .22s, when we was kids.  I still got the scar on my ass.  You want to see?
Wilson:  No.
Fearless walks closer to him, turns around and pulls down his pants:  I can prove it, man.  I'm telling you - it hurt like crazy.  See?  Believe me?  (Fearless points to his bare ass.)  I got this little dot right here, next to the crack, on my left cheek.  I couldn't believe that kid would actually shoot me...
As Wilson stares at Fearless' ass, Fearless turns around quickly, knocks the gun out of Wilson's hand and pushes him to the floor.
Joel rushes into the hall with his gun drawn:  LAPD!  Don't move.  Don't move!
Joel to Vanessa:  Are you okay?
Vanessa nods her head.
Fearless:  Wilson Minor, I'm placing you under arrest.  He looks over at Vanessa, as he says:  I'm placing you under arrest for the murder of Christopher Griggs.  You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Vanessa starts crying.

Vanessa and Fearless are sitting in a couple of chairs.
Vanessa:  We're having a baby.  I was just doing it for extra money for the baby.

At the gym, Andrea is watching David hit the speed-bag.
Andrea:  So, Chris Griggs was murdered for having sex with his own wife?
David:  Yep.
Andrea:  And the guy who stole the truck only did it to stop his ex-girlfriend from getting married?
David:  The green-headed monster.  Jealousy - the green-headed monster.
Andrea:  I know what it's called.  Why green?
David:  Because it makes you sick!
Andrea:  David...
David gives the speed-bag one last, hard punch.
David and Andrea stare at each other for a moment, then David's cell phone rings.
David to Andrea:  Excuse me.
David on phone:  Hi, honey...Yeah, I'm at Sharkey's now...Yeah, I'm going to go teach him a thing or two...No, no, that's my technique.  See?  By bleeding, I lure him into a false sense of security...Yeah, I'll be home by seven...I love you, too.  Bye.
Andrea:  Are you sure she doesn't suspect?
David:  I'm sure.
Andrea:  She's been calling you a lot lately.
David:  You know what?  I only got half an hour in the ring.  I gotta get going.  (He puts on the boxing gloves.)
Andrea:  A willow branch would be easier...if you insist on beating yourself.
David:  It's kind of like a lot of things in life.  It feels better when someone else is doing it.
He climbs in the ring.
Andrea:  David...
As she watches him spar with Sharkey, Andrea says, softly:  You're nothing like your father.