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Trivia Quiz #1

1. What is Fearless' real name? (The character, NOT the actor)
A. Robert Williams
B. Michael Smith
C. Robert Smith

2. What is the name of Joel and Kelly Stevens' son?
A. Billy
B. Willie
C. Bobby

3. What is the name of DDA David McNorris' wife?
A. Mary
B. Miriam
C. Marian

4. Actor Matt Craven portrayed Dr. Michael Hirsch in episodes "Coyote" and "Lost Child".
   What are his two professions?
A. Psychologist/psychiatrist
B. Psychologist/lawyer
C. Psycholotist/police officer

5. Which of Andrea's relatives is an alcoholic?
A. Her father
B. Her mother
C. Her brother

6. What is Teresa's last name?
A. Olmos
B. Ortiz
C. Alvarez

7. Officer Ray Hechler was involved in a police corruption scandal that took place in which part of Los Angeles?
A. South Central
B. Boyle Heights
C. Vista Heights

8. Officer Tom Turcotte's father is a retired
A. Fireman
B. Police detective
C. Police chief

9. Teresa was greatly affected by the death of a family member. Who died?
A. Her father
B. Her mother
C. Her sister

10. DDA David McNorris is originally from
A. Dorchester
B. Philadelphia
C. Chicago

If you got 0 to 3 Correct:  
You call yourself a fan of "Boomtown"?  You need to watch each episode TWICE within the next 24 hours.  And since there are 18 episodes, you better hurry! :)

If you got 4 to 6 Correct:
Are you serious? You need to watch each episode again in the next week and then, come back to take the quiz again.
If you got 7 to 9 Correct:
Very good!  But, you really should watch all the episodes again before September.
If you got all 10 Correct:
Congratulations!  You are a bona fide BOOMER of the First Degree!  Your reward - a second season of "Boomtown"!!!!!

If you enjoyed this quiz and would like to see more, let me know via the Feedback form.