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Trivia Quiz

1. In the episode, "Coyote", what was the name of the family dog?
A. Ahab
B. Nemo
C. Willie

2. Who guest-starred in the episode, "Monster's Brawl" as an aspiring film director?
A. Neil Patrick Harris
B. Mark-Paul Gosselaar
C. Brian Austin Green

3. In the episode, "Insured by Smith and Wesson", scenes from a 1980's TV series were shown.
Name the series.

A. Simon and Simon
B. Riptide
C. Miami Vice

4. In the episode, "Sinoloa Cowboys", the twins were called the "two peas"?
What were their names?

A. Pedro and Pablo
B. Pablo and Alejandro
C. Pedro and Jaime

5. In the episode, "Blackout", David McNorris encountered a stripper named
A. Rosanna   
B. Layla
C. Lolita

6. In the episode, "Reelin' In The Years", what was the nickname of the bank robber/cop killer?
A. Chimera
B. Chameleon
C. Changeling

7. What was the name of the Internal Affairs Detective who was after Joel?
A. Thumper
B. Trumper
C. Kramer

8. In the episode, "Crash", insurance investigator, Vicki Pineda, was once involved with
A. David McNorris
B. Joel Stevens
C. Fearless Smith

9.  In the episode, "The Squeeze", which character was hit by a car?
A. Fearless Smith
B. Tom Turcotte
C. Joel Stevens

10. Joe Spano guest-starred as Henry in the episode, "Home Invasion".  Which classic TV series did Mr. Spano star in?
A. NYPD Blue
B. Hill Street Blues
C. LA Law

If you got 0 to 3 Correct:
You need more "Boomtown" on a daily basis.
If you got 4 to 6 Correct:
Not bad.
If you got 7 to 9 Correct:
Very good!
If you got all 10 Correct:
Congratulations!  Are you sure you don't want to create the next quiz? Please!!! :)

If you enjoyed this quiz and would like to see more, let me know via the Feedback form. Thanks!