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Trivia Quiz

1. In the episode, "Execution", what was condemned killer Chronic's real name?
A. Dorian C. Norville
B. Daryl C. Norcott

C. Damien C. Norton
2. In the episode, "Storm Watch", what were the names of the two officers who were ambushed?
A. Wyznicki and Chandler
B. Karen and Manzani
C. Randi and Ramos

3. In the Season II episodes, "For Love of Money" and "Inadmissible", who played Sabrina Fithian.
A. Kelly Hu
B. Kelly Rowan
C. Rebecca DeMornay

4. What was Sabrina Fithian's real name?
A. Karen Crane
B. Jill Foster
C. Rachel Durrell

5. How did Andrea get her job at the Tribune?
A. Through articles about police corruption
B. Through articles about John Donadoni
C. Through articles about Kevin Van Horn

6. What was Joel's excuse to the EMTs when they found his wife, Kelly, bleeding in the bathtub?
A. She accidently cut herself with the razor.
B. She broke the shower door.
C. She attempted suicide.

7. When Teresa decided to apply to the police academy, who did she tell, FIRST?
A. Joel
B. Fearless
C. Tom

8. David McNorris is an only child.  True or False?
A. True
B. False
9.  In the episode, "Reelin' In The Years", Tom revealed a childhood trauma.  What happened?
A. He accidentally shot someone.
B. His father pointed a loaded gun at him.
C. His mother died.

10. In the episode, "All Hallow's Eve", Teresa was kidnapped by a janitor who wanted to be
A. A stuntman
B. An actor
C. A singer

If you got 0 to 3 Correct:
You need more "Boomtown" on a daily basis.
If you got 4 to 6 Correct:
Not bad.
If you got 7 to 9 Correct:
Very good!
If you got all 10 Correct:

A big THANK YOU to Rachel !!