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Who Said It?  In Which Episode?

1.  "Because I'm addicted to you...just like a junkie's addicted to a bag of dope. I'm powerless. And I don't like that."
2.  "Maybe the irony of a sewer full of diamonds is lost on you."
3.  "I’ve never respected anyone as much as I respect you."

4.  "Burgers, fries, bulletproof vests - there's an All-American meal."

5.  "I do know. And one of the things I know is when a cop gets murdered, the first question you ask is 'where was his partner'. Right? Don't you ask yourself that question when a cop gets taken out. I know I do."

6. "Sometimes, I want to shoot other drivers on the freeway. It doesn't mean I have to do it."

7.  "He tanked out!"

8. "He's a breath mint, he's a candy mint, he's two mints in one."

9.  "At your trial, during the death penalty phase, I'm going to get up on that stand and I'm going to tell them how you callously disregarded the life of a mother and child."

10. "Come on! I'm sweating like a Backstreet Boy in a holding cell."

11. "It's because it wasn't human. These guys crossed a line. Call them animals, but animals wouldn't even do that."

12. "Well, in the immortal words of Nigel Hufnel, 'it's a fine line between clever and stupid, isn't it?' ”

13. "It's like dancing with a bear. At first, it's fun; then, you want to sit down. Problem is, the bear wants to keep dancing."

14. "You are a woman of great beauty and grace. You deserve a whole lot better than me."

15. "It's the Russian mob. It's not a softball team. They have a code. The first rule of the code is carry out punishment to all offending parties - all of them - including 10-year-olds."

A big THANK YOU to Rachel!!