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Voiceover by Mr. LaFontaine:  
Not quite the Ganges, is it?  
Not really a river any more. Used to flood like a son of a bitch back when I was a boy.   They paved it all over in the 50's. London's got the Thames, Paris' got the Seine, Vienna's got the Blue Danube.  L.A.'s got a concrete drainage ditch.   That's all we got - it'll have to do.

Deputy District Attorney David McNorris is talking on a cell phone to his assistant, Peter,  while walking through a building:  Well that's the only way I want to have it done.
Peter:  How about Vista Heights?
David:  No, tell him I want to talk about LA's need for a new crime lab.
Peter:  They don't want...
David:  Well, of course, they don't want a new one.  That's what I want to talk to them about.  I want to make them realize that we need one.
Peter: They'll fight it.                                                                                            

David:  Absolutely.  See...that's the whole point...    
Peter:  David, I've got Marian on the line.
David:  Who?
Peter:  Marian...your wife.
David:  Oh...yeah..put her through.
Peter:  Marian, I've got David.
David:  Is this the beautiful and charming Mrs. McNorris?
Marian, obviously upset:  David...David, I was in the playground!
David:  What's wrong?
Marian:  David, two girls have been shot!                 
David:  Oh, my God!
Marian:  They were six and sixteen.
David:  How old?
Marian:  Six and sixteen.
David:  Are you okay?
Marian: was...I...
David:  Honey, are you all right?
Marian:  I have blood all over my hands.
David:  Okay.  Well, go back inside and wash it off.
Marian:  Can you get here?
David:  I'm almost there.  I'm five minutes away.  My car's right over...
Marian:  One of them is dead!
David:  Is the ambulance there?
Marian:  Yes.
David:  Okay, then, honey, you've done everything you can do.  Just go back inside.  Please.
Marian:  David, please, will you just get here?!                  
David:  Yes.                                                                              

Marian:  I love you.
David:  Okay.  I love you.                                                                   
David disconnects his call to Marian:  Peter, did you get that?
Peter:  Yes, David.
David:  Sick....!
Peter:  What would you like me to do?
David:  Cancel my lunch and call the chief.  Now, Peter, I want someone from my office on this investigation
like a lamprey eel.  And when I'm talking to the Chief, I want you to make some calls.  Call the local news - the Times, The Trib...
Peter:  The TV channels?
David:  Yes.  Everyone.
Peter:  Even Davis?
David:  No, not that jerk!  After the way he pissed all over my gang initiative.

David and Marian are at the school, standing in front of a group of reporters.

David:  Yes, well, my wife's been working here - well, volunteering here - since last February? (He turns to ask Marian.)
Marian:  Last year.
David:  Since last year.  Terri?
Terri, one of the reporters:  Do you have a name on the girl who was wounded?
David:  The police haven't been able to reach her mother yet.
Terri:  The girl who was killed - was she a gang member?
David:  Terri, she was 15 or 16 years old.  Whether or not she was a member of a gang, she didn't deserve to be shot to death in the street.  Last question.
Another reporter:  David, anything new on the Vista Heights investigation?
David:  No, there's nothing new on Vista Heights and we're not here to talk about that.  Thank you. (He turns to leave the podium.)
Andrea Little:  Uh, excuse me, why are we here?          
David stops:  I'm sorry?
Andrea:  Why are we here?
David:  Well...Andrea...I assume you're here because one little girl was wounded and another was killed.
Andrea:  Given that, that happens every day in this city, why are we all here for this one?
David:  Well...
Andrea:  Isn't it true that someone from your office called all the news outlets and told them of your personal realtionship with this shooting and that you'd be here to answer questions?...Or did you not know someone made those calls?
David:  Of course, I knew... Andrea.  I had my assistant make those calls.  And you know why?  Because this happens every day in this city.  I didn't see a crowd of reporters at 163rd and Florence two days ago when Conchita Escovito was killed by a stray bullet while sitting at her kitchen table feeding her baby girl.  You're damn right I had my assistant call your editors and news directors.  Because I knew that me being here could get you here.  Now, look, I don't blame you because you don't go to the scene of every shooting.  When something happens every day, it stops being news.  I'm no saint about this myself.  The only reason I knew those two names I just mentioned is because they're ongoing cases.  You ask me who was murdered on this day six months ago - I wouldn't know.  Not the names, any way.  I tend not to forget the faces.  Thanks for the question.  (He leaves the podium.)

Reporter Andrea Little arrives at the school.  She sees Marian McNorris talking on a cell phone and follows her into the restroom, where Marian is washing the blood off of her hands.
Andrea:  Mrs. McNorris?                        
Marian:  Yes.
Andrea:  I'm Andrea Little.  I'm a reporter for the Tribune.  I just - I wanted to ask you a few questions.
Marian:  I - I'm going to wait for my husband.
Andrea:  Oh...okay, in that case, I'll go pee.
Andrea goes into a stall and sits on the closed lid:  Are you all moved into your new house?
Marian:  Sorry?
Andrea:  I met you last year when your husband won the Barkley case.  I did a piece on him for the Sunday magazine.
Marian:  What did you say your name was, again?
Andrea:  Andrea Little.
Marian:  Yes, that was a good article.  Uh...we have moved in; we just haven't finished unpacking.  There are still boxes.
Andrea:  My advice - after a year, if there are any boxes you haven't opened, throw them out.  Don't even look inside, just throw them out.
Marian:  I'll remember that.
Andrea:  Rough day here today.
Marian:  Yeah.
Andrea:  This is an after-school program?
Marian:  Yeah.
Andrea:  How long have you been working here?
Marian:  I've been working here - uh, volunteering here - since last year.
Andrea:  Rough neighborhood.
Marian:  Not really.  They're good people.
Andrea comes out of the stall:  You like the work?                                                                    

Marian:  Yes, I do.  Very much.                              
Andrea:  The little girl who was shot here today.  Had she been coming here long?
Marian:  No, Grace was new.
Andrea:  Grace Smith.
Marian:  No, Grace Adams.  Who's Grace Smith?
Andrea:  I must have heard it wrong.

Flashback to David talking to the group of reporters:  
The only reason I knew those two names I just mentioned is because they're ongoing cases.  You ask me who was murdered on this day six months ago - I wouldn't know.  Not the names, any way.  I tend not to forget the faces.  Thanks for the question.

Andrea enters her apartment and goes into the kitchen where she notices a fresh water ring on the counter.  She takes her gun out of the refrigerator and walks into the living area.  

Andrea:  Okay, listen up!  I've got 14 bullets.  How about you?
David, sitting on the couch, raises his glass:  I'm empty.  Why did you ask that question today?
Andrea puts the gun away and begins undressing:  It had to be asked.  Apparently, no one else was going to ask it.  They were all basking in the warm glow of honesty and forthrightness that is David McNorris.  Besides, it gave you the best quote of the day.  I tend not to forget the faces.  That was brilliant, David.  
 David:  I don't. Forget the faces.

Andrea:  Good for you!  (She walks into an adjoining room and removes her blouse.)
David:  You spoke with Marian.                                                              
Andrea:  She was part of the story.  (She comes back into the living room.)  You think I got some sort of cheap thrill out of talking to your wife?  Walking the edge?  Flirting with danger?
David:  Um-huh.
Andrea leaves the room and finishes undressing:  Oh, and, uh, FYI - in case she hasn't mentioned it, she's scared.  I'm sure you think it's good for your image to have your wife doing volunteer work but I don't think she's having fun any more.
David:  I saw you talking to some cops today.  You talk to Hechler?
Andrea comes back in, wearing a robe:  No.  He took off before I got there.  Look...I don't know if you came over here looking to get lucky, but I'm exhausted.  I'm going to run a bath.  If you'd like a shot at jumping my bones, you should the time the bath tub is full.
David's cell phone rings.
David to Andrea:  That's not why I came.
David to phone:  What?
Andrea, as she leaves the room:  Suit yourself.
David calls after her:  They found the suspect in today's drive-by shooting.

At the school yard, we hear Marian's voice:  Help!  She's bleeding!  She's been shot!
Tom is interviewing a witness:  Are you sure it was a Mercedes?                                                        

Witness:  The license plate...
Ray kneels beside a girl lying on the ground to inspect her wounds:  There's no exit wound.            
Teresa Ortiz hurries up with her medical bag.                
Ray to Teresa:  It's a chest wound.  She's bleeding out.
Ray to Tom:  What's he got?
Tom:  Mercedes.  Definitely a Mercedes.

Ray and Tom are walking Joel and Fearless through the scene.
Ray:  These two kids come up, one white, one black, late teens, early 20's.  The only reason he remembers them, at all, is they took the ice cream back to a black Mercedes right up there by the fire pump.  You know, a car like that in this neighborhood, a Mercedes - it kinda sticks out.
Joel:  Yeah, I bet.
Ray:  He doesn't remember what they looked like.  Doesn't remember what kind of ice cream they had.   I used to like that Eskimo Pie thing.  Then, my brother told me it was made from real Eskimos...
Joel:  Hey, Ray.  Where was the other girl hit?
Ray:  Oh, I was digressing, wasn't I?
Joel:  Yeah, you were digressing.
Ray:  I tend to do that.  Cherie - she thinks I got that ADD thing.  I...
Fearless, laughing:  Ray, Ray, Ray, come on, let's roll here.
Ray:  All right, I'll digress right back.  The Mercedes was rolling down the street here.  Right up to about here.  And at that point, he's looking through the windshield.  Can't really see them.  A hand comes out, the passenger side window, the side the black kid's on.  A gun in the hand.  Bang, bang, bang.  There's one down here and one down in the sand.  All he got was a partial plate...
Tom:  4DOQ
Joel:  DOQ?
Tom:  David, Ocean, Queen
David McNorris arrives, talking on his cell phone.  As he walks right through their little group, he says:  Good day, gentlemen.
Ray:  Awwwhhh....                                                                                         
Joel:  What's McNorris doing here?
Tom:  His wife works here.  She found the kid who was wounded.
Ray:  Thought maybe he was here for me.  That he was going to get a flashlight and crawl up my ass to look for the Vista Heights money.                                            

Joel:  Is that where the Vista Heights money is, Ray?               Ray:  Only the spare change.
Ray sees Andrea approaching the group:  Well, you boys have a nice southern California day.
Ray and Tom walk away.
Andrea:  Aw...see!  You know, when people walk away from me like that, it hurts my feelings.
Ray waves over his shoulder:  Bye-bye.
Tom turns to grin at her.

Ray and Tom are in their patrol car.
Ray:  Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yeah, the middle of the country.  In the middle of the country, nobody knows any gays.  Why?  Because all the gays they had, they ran off when they got the snot kicked out of them in high school.  So, I say, Go back, Sisters!  Go on back.  Not cause I don't like them.  Don't get me wrong.  Have you ever seen a house decorated by a straight guy?  It's all plaid and wood.
In the rearview mirror, Ray notices a car behind them:  What was the description that ice cream guy gave us this morning?
Black Mercedes, 4-door, late model, partial license 4DOQ.
Ray:  White driver, black passenger?
The Mercedes, behind them, suddenly makes a U-turn and speeds away.
Ray:  Dammit, they clocked us!
As Ray quickly turns the car around and follows the Mercedes, Tom grabs the radio:  5Baker7, this is 8149.  We are in pursuit of suspects in playground drive-by.  They are north-bound on Palmetto.
An 18-wheeler comes out of a side street and slams into the back of the Mercedes. It spins out of control and  Ray slams on the brakes as Tom grabs the dashboard and says:  Whoa!!

The 18-wheeler sounds its horn as the drives slams on his brakes but strikes the rear end of the Mercedes.  The car spins out of control, then comes to a stop.  A young black male jumps out of the passenger side and takes off running.  Ray and Tom are in the patrol car in close pursuit.  Ray slams on the brakes.
Tom jumps out of the car:  I got him.
Ray:  No, wait.  Wait!
Tom:  He's got a gun!  (He chases the young man.)
on the radio:  Control 5Baker7, suspect's car is TC'd at Fourth and Mateo.  Officer Turcotte in pursuit, footbound.
Voice on radio:  Copy that 5Baker7.
The driver of the black Mercedes suddenly takes off.  
Ray:  Yeah...he's moving.
Ray drives backward beside the Mercedes, deliberately bumping the car.    
on the radio:  5Baker7, resuming pursuit eastward on Mateo.
Ray to driver of Mercedes (who he can't see, because the air bag on the passenger side deployed):  Pull over!  Pull over now!
hits the brakes and spins the car to face forward as he continues the pursuit..
Ray:  Uh-oh.  Wrong way down a one-way street!
The Mercedes pulls into a parking garage.
crashes through the ticket arm:  Oh, no!
Ray:  Ohhhh...son of a bitch!  (The patrol car hits a speed bump.)  
Ray on the radio:  
5Baker7 Control, I'm in the Westside Mall parking structure.
Voice on radio:  Are you involved in the rescue of Officer Turcotte?
Rescue?  What rescue?!
A car pulls out of a parking space and Ray's patrol car crashes into the side of it.
An elderly woman
is driving:  Oh, my!
Ray:  Are you okay?
Well...I guess, I'm okay.
Ray:  Can you back up your car?  I'm chasing a very bad man.
It won't start.
Ray backs up:  I'm just going to squeeze past you.
The patrol car scrapes her car as he drives away.
Oh, my goodness! My car!  My car!
Ray to woman:  We're insured, fully insured!  
Ray to himself:  
I hope we're insured.
Turning the corner, he sees the empty Mercedes.  He gets out and enters the mall with his gun drawn.  Spotting a security guard sitting nearby, Ray holsters his gun:  Did you see a kid come through here?
The security guard appears confused.
 A kid!  Did you see a kid?!
At that moment, a kid comes running around the corner and screeches to a halt when he sees Ray.
Ray to kid:  Stop!
to security guard:  Get up!
Ray grabs the stool the guard was sitting on and throws it at the kid running away.  The stool strikes him in the back of the legs and knocks him down.
approaches with his gun out:  Get your hands out at your side!
The kid reaches into his pocket.
Ray:  Don't even think about it!  Get your hands out slow where I can see them.  Out at your side, palms up.
I never stole anything before in my life, Officer.  I swear!
Ray, as he handcuffs the kid:  What kind of car are you driving?
I don't drive a car.  I don't have a car.  I took the bus.
Ray:  All right...what is it you're so willing to get shot over?  Huh?
reaches into the kid's pocked and pulls out a CD.
Ray:  Michael Bolton?
It's for my lady.
Ray:  For your lady!


 Flashback to Tom saying "Whoa!" as the patrol car screeches to a halt.  

Tom jumps out of the car:  I got him.
Ray:  No, wait.  Wait!
Tom:  He's got a gun!

Tom chases the guy over a barbed wire fence and down a ramp by the LA River.  The guy slips in the water, falls and drops the gun.  Tom also falls, sees the gun, picks it up and continues his pursuit down the drainage ditch.  The guy jumps over the river. Tom jumps, the gun falls into the river and he falls in after it.  The guy he was chasing runs up the other side of the ditch.
Tom is floundering in the river as a police helicopter flies over.    
Man in helicopter:  Control, this is Airship 2.  We've got a patrolman in the river, south of the Fourth Street bridge.
Voice on radio:  Copy that, Airship 2.  We'll contact River Rescue.

Tom is in the shower scrubbing his skin thoroughly.   He stops and smells his arm:  God!  He begins scrubbing again.
Tom exits the locker room to find Ray waiting for him.
Ray:  Hey, Aquaman!  Joel and Fearless want to have a little chat with you about your trip down the Amazon.  You should really have another shower because there was a sewer spill in the Valley this morning.
Ray:  Really!  1.2 million gallons about 7 o'clock.
Are you serious?
Ray:  No.
Joel and Fearless join them.
 Are you okay, Tom?
Tom:  Yeah, never better.  What's up?
You know, I always wondered what it would be like to go for a dip in the L.A. River.
Tom:  Well, it's nothing mystical, Detective.  It's cold, it's wet and it smells.  But, you don't have to take my word for it.  Anything else you want to talk to me about?
Yeah.  Actually, we were wondering about the gun, Tom.  The kid you were chasing had the gun, right?
Tom:  Yeah, but - ah - but I think he dropped it in the river.      
Joel and Ray:
 You think?
Tom:  Yeah, Ray, I think.  He was 50 yards ahead of me and I saw him throw something.  You know...he made a throwing motion and I saw something splash.  I saw him run up the other side.  I didn't see the gun any more.
I guess we could always drag the river.
Ray:  Cousteau here could take another plunge.
looks at his watch:  Well, we better mosey.  We're going to talk to the owner of the car.
Tom:  Okay.
Tom, you might want to think about getting some antibiotics.  The water could have some pretty rough stuff in it.
Tom:  Ya think?
Joel and Fearless walk away.
Don't let him get to you like that.
Tom:  I didn't.

Tom is in his car driving home.  He smells his hand.
Tom is in his apartment which is located very close to the Interstate.  He's watching TV and an Oasis song is playing when the phone rings.
Tom:  Hello.
Paul Turcotte,
Tom's father:  Hey, Tommy!
Tom:  Hey, Dad.
Are you watching TV?
Tom:  Uh, just for a couple of minutes.  I'm getting ready for bed.
You should be reading all those books I got you.  TV isn't going to do anything for you.
Tom:  Yeah.
You reading them?
Tom:  Yeah, I'm reading.
Hey, are you still listening to that classical music like she suggested?
Tom:  Yep.  So, what's up, Dad?
Well, I heard what happened today.  You know, I talked to Kenny Randall.  The kid's not even at your station, is he?
Tom:  No.
I guess bad news travels fast, huh?  What happened?
Tom:  I lost a suspect.
Yeah, I know.  But, he made the jump, right?
Tom:  Yeah.
The punk made it across the river.  Why didn't you?
Tom:  I don't know.
You were always the athlete.  I mean, at least you always had that going for you.
The other line rings.
Uh, Dad...
Paul:  I don't understand why you didn't just shoot the son of a bitch.
Dad, hold on for a second.  I got another call.
Tom switches to the other line:  Yeah!
Hello, my little water nymph.
Tom:  Ray...what is it?  I'm on the other line.
Joel and Fearless got a location on that kid you were chasing.

Tom and Ray are sitting in a car near the suspect's house.
Ray hands Tom a rap sheet with a mug photo:  Cantrel LaFontaine.  Mostly minor juvie crap when he was 13 or 14.  But, now he's graduated.  He's murdered one girl, wounded another one.  Ssssst...moron!
Several patrol cars pull up in front of the house.  Joel gets out, looks around and sees Tom and Ray.
 What?  Are you in love with the guy?
Tom:  Shut up!
I'm serious.  The way you're looking at him.  What's your problem with him ?
I don't have a problem with him.  It's just...everything comes easy to him.  You know, even in the academy - he sails through.  And he makes detective.
Ray:  Yeah, I hate those people who are good.  It's high time we celebrated mediocrity.
chuckling:  High time.
Ray: got to let go of that crap.
Yeah.  Like you.
Ray:  Well, my situation with him is a little different, partner.  He thinks I'm soiled.  You spend 5 years in the Heights, go fishing with a guy, you go to his kids' birthday parties...ipso, facto, you're dirty.  Guilt by association.  That's all it is.  There isn't nothing I'd like better than to do a dance in a dark stairwell with that self-righteous son of a bitch!  But, I don't let that show.
No, not you .
I smile.  I make nice.  I let him think I'm his best friend in the whole world.
Tom:  Yeah.
They hear a gunshot from inside the building and jump out of the car.
on radio:  Officer down.  We have an officer down.

In a motel room, Fearless lights a cigarette.  

A naked woman wrapped in a sheet lies on the bed:  I don't know anyone who smokes any more.  Why do you?
Fearless:  Hmmm?                                      
Woman:  Why do you smoke?
Fearless:  Are you sure you want to ask that?
Woman:  Why?
 Because it's a story.  If you ask that, you get a story.
Woman:  Okay.
Flashback to Desert Storm.  The events unfold as Fearless tells his story:
My buddy Freaktown and I were about 200 clicks south of An Najaf(?) back in Iraq during Desert Storm.  We were sent to check out the crash site of a F-15.  The crash had happened the week before, the pilot had ejected, been picked up and we were supposed to see if there was anything "recoverable" from the debris field.  As we were walking along, I saw something shiny in the dirt and I bent over to pick it up.  But, what I did not know when I bent over, was that about a mile away - there was a sniper hiding in some rocks.  It was a Republican Guard long-range marksman who had been waiting for days for someone to come and check the debris field.  And the son of a bitch was aiming right at my head when he pulled the trigger.  
I figure the bullet was in the air 3, maybe 4 seconds which was just enough time for me to see the shiny object, think "Hey, shiny object" and bend over.  The bullet missed me, hit Freaktown in the head.
Killed him?
Fearless:  Nah, Freak was about that tall.  So, the bullet entered high in his helmet, cut through the lining and parted my man's hair and went out the other side.
Woman, laughing:   What does this story have to do with you smoking?
Fearless:  Freaktown smoked.  And having come within a half inch and a half second of dying, I figured a cigarette sounded like a good idea.
His beeper goes off.  Fearless picks it up and looks at it:  Hi-ho!
Woman:  I can't believe you live in a motel.
Fearless:  Yeah, living the dream, baby.  Living the dream in Boomtown!
So, am I going to see you again?
Fearless:  No.
 What?  You didn't have a good time?
Fearless:  Darling, I had a great time.  And you cand do can do things I never imagined could be done.
It was just something I wanted to try once.  How much?
Fearless:  Ouch!  Whew!  See, there's another reason.  I'd go broke seeing you.
You got a list?
Fearless:  A list?
Yeah.  Of all the thing you want to do before you die.  It sounds like you got a list.  Run a marathon, climb a mountain, bang a hooker.
Fearless:  Nah, no list.  Maybe I should make one.
I had one once.  Lost it somewhere.
Fearless:  So, what was on it?
I don't know...stupid junk.  Ride a camel, eat an oyster.
Fearless:  My advice?  Oyster, yes.  Camel, no.
Fearless picks up his cell phone and dials a number.

Outside of the Oasis Motel, Fearless takes out a list and marks through 'sleep with a hooker'.  
is standing nearby talking on his cell phone:  Yeah...yeah...all right.  I got to go.  Bye.
Fearless walks over and shows him his list.  They both laugh.                
How was it?
Fearless:  Beats the hell out of bungee jumping, baby.  That is for damn sure!
 Yeah, I bet.
Fearless sighs:  Are you good?
Yeah.  Yeah, I'm good.
Fearless:  It was sad.  I mean, of course, all sex has a little sadness about it.  But, this had more than its share.  Hey, do you know what the French call orgasm?
Fearless:  Le petite morte.  The little death.  Yo, brother!  You listening?
Yeah.  French for orgasm - the little death.
Fearless:  She asked me why I smoked.
Oh, yeah?  What did you tell her?
Fearless:  I told her about me and Freaktown.  That's the day I started.
Yeah, I know it is.  So, how did the story end this time?
Fearless:  I said he lived.
Flashback to Freaktown lying dead on the ground with blood pouring from his helmet.
 No sense in ruining her day, man.
They get into the car.
Fearless:  So, where are we going?
Drive-by.  Two girls.  One dead, one wounded.


Joel is drinking a cup of coffee outside the motel, waiting for Fearless.            

Fearless:  Hey, you know what the French call orgasm?    
Fearless:  Le petite morte.  The little death.  Yo, brother!  You listening?
Yeah.  French for orgasm - the little death.

At the school, Ray is describing the shooting to Joel and Fearless:  
he's looking through the windshield.  Can't really see them.  A hand comes out, the passenger side window, the side the black kid's on.  A gun in the hand.  Bang, bang, bang.  There's one down here and one down in the sand.

In the mall's parking garage, Joel is inspecting the black Mercedes.

Michael Bolton!  I mean, I could see getting shot for Springsteen or Waits.  Michael Bolton?  The kid says it's for my lady.  For my lady, man!  My lady!
Fearless walks over and looks inside the car:  Clean...
 It's too clean.
Ray:   We got shell casings.
Nah.  The car was reported missing this morning.  Two teenagers in a car all day, there'd be something.
Fearless:   We know they had ice cream wrappers.
Maybe they threw the wrappers away.
Joel:   Exactly.  Ray, talk to the mall security, talk to maintenance.  Make sure they don't dump any garbage until we can get to go through it.
 You want every ice cream wrapper and drink cup for this place?
Joel:  No, Ray.
Joel's cell phone rings.
I mean, you're not going to find the gun...
Joel's cell phone rings again.
Excuse me.
Joel to phone:   Hello...hold on for a second.
to Ray:   We're not looking for the gun, Ray.  We're looking for anything out of the ordinary.
Ray heads off.
Joel calls to Ray:  Just the public bins, Ray.
to phone:  Hello?  Hold on.
Joel to Fearless:  It's Kelly.  She's got the flu so her sister, Susan's over watching Willie.
 How's Kelly doing?
Joel:   She's all right.  She's getting better.
turns away and says into the phone: she all right?

Joel and Fearless pull into the driveway of a very nice house.
A man comes to the door.
Fearless:  Mr. Cates?
Mr. Cates:  
Joel's cell phone rings.  He looks at the number on the screen, makes a face at Fearless and walk away.
to phone:  Hey, Susan....Baby, what's wrong?

LAPD, Sir.  I'm Detective Smith.  This is Detective Stevens.
Mr. Cates:  Is this about the car?
Yes, Sir.  It is.

to phone:  Okay.

Mr. you know who took your Mercedes, Sir?
Mr. Cates:  Do I know who? would I know that?

Joel to phone:  Okay...Did you call the doctor?

Mr. Cates, do you mind if we come in?
Mr. Cates:  I think I better call my attorney.

Joel hears a noise from the second floor of the house.  He looks up and sees a teenage boy at the window.
to phone:  Baby, hold on a second.
Joel heads around to the back of the house as Fearless pushes past Mr. Cates.
Mr. Cates:  Excuse me.  Excuse me!

Joel is the back yard by the swimming pool with his gun in one hand and his cell phone in the other.
 Baby, hold on.  Hold on...Hold on...Hold on.
Joel sees the back door.  He ducks behind the corner of the house as the boy runs out and down the steps.  Joel sticks out his leg and trips the boy.
to boy on the ground:  Don't move.
Boy:  What the hell?!
Joel shouts to boy:  
Shut up!!
Joel to phone:  Not you, baby.  Not you.

Joel and Fearless are at the police station questioning the boy, Taylor Cates.

:  Fearless, you know what?  I can't do this good cop/bad cop thing.
Joel turns and shouts at Taylor:  You shot a six-year-old!  What's wrong with you?!  Don't say anything.  Cause it doesn't matter to me.  We got the shell casings from the floor of the car.  So, whether you did it or your friend did, I could care less.  You both go to jail for murder.
Joel:  I'm sorry, Fearless.
Joel and Fearless start to leave the room.
Taylor calls out to them:  It wasn't me!  It was Cantrel.

Joel and Fearless enter a hallway with their guns drawn.
Fearless knocks on a door.
Mr. LaFontaine:  Who's there?
Fearless:  LAPD, Sir.
Mr. LaFontaine:
 LAPD?  What in God's name...? (He opens the door.  He's holding a golf club.)  Let me see your badges.  (Fearless shows him his badge.)  Dear Lord!  What do you want?
Fearless:  We'd like to talk to Cantrel.
Mr. LaFontaine:  
Are you sure you just want to talk?
Fearless:  Yes, Sir.  (He holsters his gun.)  I'm sure.
Mr. LaFontaine:  
Whatever you got, you got it wrong.  Cantrel is a good kid.  He...he just got a track scholarship to Cal State.
Fearless:  We just want a word, Sir.
Mr. LaFontaine
opens the door wider for them to enter and calls out:  Cantrel!
Cantrel enter the room, see the police officers, turns and runs.
 Hey!  Hey!  (He starts after Cantrel.)
Mr. LaFontaine hits Fearless in the knee with the golf club, knocking him down:  Get out of my house!  Get out!
Joel is trying to calm Mr. LaFontaine.  
Another police officer aims his gun at Mr. LaFontaine:  Put your weapon down.  Put your weapon down!
Joel reaches out and knocks the officer's arm up as the gun goes off.  The bullet goes into the ceiling.
Someone in the background:  Officer down.          

Fearless , on the floor, holding his knee:  Officer down?
Police officer into radio:  Officer down.  We have an officer down.
Fearless reaches out and jerks the club away from Mr. LaFontaine:  Officer kneeling!
Joel pushes past Mr. LaFontaine in search of Cantrel.  He sees an open window, goes to it and looks down.  Cantrel is lying on the sidewalk with blood streaming from his head.

Joel kneels down, looking at the blood on the sidewalk.  
Paramedics wheel Cantrel's body into the ambulance, as his grandfather, Mr. LaFontaine, watches.
Ray and Tom walk by.
Ray:  They ought to put these kids in the Army.  I'm serious.  You know why they join gangs, don't you?
Another detective, standing nearby:  For the frequent flyer miles.
Tom:  Except this kid couldn't fly so well.

Teresa, a paramedic,  walks by Joel to pick up her equipment.
Teresa:  How's your wife?
Joel:  Excuse me?
 I was on the run to your house last week.  Randy and I took her in.
Joel:  Ah...yeah.  She's...she's good.  She's good.
Joel:  Yeah.  That was just a freak thing, you know.  The shower door breaking...and the glass...and stuff...but, she's good.  Thanks.

Joel drives home.  
enters the house and greets his sister-in-law, Susan:  Hey.  I'm sorry I'm late.
Susan:  That's okay.
 How's she doing?
Susan sighs:  She's been sleeping mostly.
He walks into their bedroom where his wife is asleep.  She's cuddling a teddy bear.  He takes the bear and goes back into the living room.
Waving the bear, Joel asks:  Where did she get it?
In the other room.
Joel:  Ummm,  she probably shouldn't go into the baby's room until this stuff is put up.  Okay?
He goes into the nursery and places the teddy bear in a chair.
Back in the living room, Joel:  She - uh - she called me.
I didn't know until she was on the phone.
Joel:  All right.  How's Willie?
He's fine.  He did some painting.
Joel:  Yeah?
I think the one with the big eyes is supposed to be you.
Joel:  Okay.
I told him you'd tuck him in.
Joel:  All right.  (He walks into the sleeping boy's room, leans over and kisses him on the forehead.)

Susan is putting on her jacket when Joel returns to the living room.
All right.  So, I'll see you tomorrow.
Susan:  Yeah...I can't do it tomorrow.
 Uh - okay.  Don't worry about it.  I'll get somebody for tomorrow.
Susan:  Joel, I can't do all...any more.
Joel:  Why?
First of all, I'm not qualified.
Joel:  You're her sister, Susan.
 It's not like she has the flu, Joel.  She tried to kill herself.
Joel:  I know.  If it gets difficult, you call me.  You call the doctor.
Yeah...Do you know what it's like spending the day with someone...who's like that?  
Joel's cell phone rings.
Susan:  I mean, you start to feel like maybe you're the one who's losing it.
answers the phone:  Yeah?
Fearless:  Yo, sweetness!  We need you down at the station.

Joel:  Right now?
Fearless:  I'm sorry, partner.  But, there's been a little development.  Can you come in?
I don't know.  Hold on.
He turns to look at Susan.  She takes off her jacket.
Yeah, I'll be right in.
Fearless: Okay.  Step to it, man.
to Fearless:  Yep.
Joel to Susan:  Thanks.

walks by Joel to pick up her equipment.
Teresa:  How's your wife?
Joel:  Excuse me?
 I was on the run to your house last week.  Randy and I took her in.
Joel:  Ah...yeah.  She's...she's good.  She's good.
Joel:  Yeah.  That was just a freak thing, you know.  The shower door breaking...and the glass...and stuff...but, she's good.  Thanks.

Flashback to school yard.  Teresa arrives at the scene.  She hurries by Tom as he's questioning the ice cream vendor.
 Are you sure it was a Mercedes?  It wasn't a Lexus?
Ray is kneeling by a girl on the ground, as Teresa joins him:  There's no exit wound.  It's a chest wound.  She's bleeding out.
from across the yard:  She's bleeding!  She's been shot!  Could someone help?
Randy , Teresa's partner:  She's gone.  Go!
Teresa hurries over to where Marian is kneeling by another little girl.
pushes through the crowd:  Excuse me.
Teresa to Marian:  What's her name?
Teresa:  Grace.  Hey, sweetie, you're going to be okay.

In the ambulance, Grace opens her eyes and Teresa's face slowly comes into focus.  
Then it fades out and her mother's face comes into focus.
Mrs. Adams:   Yes, honey.  I'm here.
Grace is lying in a hospital bed.  She notices Teresa standing beside her mother.
 I know her.
Mrs. Adams:   That's Teresa, honey.  She's a paramedic.  Kind of a like a doctor that drives around helping people who get hurt.
I saw the man with the gun in the car...It was funny.
Mrs. Adams:   What?
It was so hot and he was wearing gloves.
Teresa:   Who was wearing gloves?
The man who shot the gun.  The driver.

Teresa and Andrea are talking in the hospital corridor.
Andrea is taking notes:  Then you called Fearless?  Ah - Detective Smith?
Teresa:  Yes.
Was he surprised?
Teresa:  You'd have to ask him.
I did.
Teresa: that it?  Because the police want us to give statements and I want to say good-bye to Grace.
 Yeah, that's it.  Thanks.
Teresa:  Uh-huh.  (She starts to walk off, but Andrea reaches out to stop her.)

Andrea, indicating Mr. LaFontaine who is just down the hall from them: that Cantrel's grandfather?
Teresa:  Yeah.  He had to make the official identification.
Right.  Thanks.
Andrea walks down the hall toward Mr. LaFontaine as Teresa watches.  As Andrea continues walking past the elderly man, without stopping, Teresa smiles.

Blood flows back across the sidwalk into Cantrel.  Cantrel flies back onto the ledge from which he fell.

Flashback to Cantrel and Taylor in the Mercedes after it's been hit by the 18-wheeler.
Taylor thrusts the gun at Cantrel:  Take it!  (Flash to Cantrel running.)  Take it and go!
Cantrel:  But, I didn't...
Taylor:  Take the damn gun, Cantrel, or I swear to God, I'm going to come to your house and kill you and your Granddad.
Flash to Cantrel jumping over the river.
Taylor pushes the gun at Cantrel:  Go!
Cantrel jumps out of the car.

Flashback to Cantrel and Taylor sitting in the Mercedes outside of the school.  Cantrel is eating an ice cream bar.
Taylor suddenly points:  Look!  That's her.  That's the bitch who cut out on Digsby.
Cantrel looks at the girl:  Then, he's an idiot.
Watch it, Cantrel!  (He pulls out a gun.)
Cantrel:   What are you doing?
 I 'm going to teach her a lesson.  The bitch can't walk away.
Cantrel:  You're not even in the damn gang.  Neither am I.  Are you going to shoot her?

 I'm just going to scare her.
Cantrel:  No.  Keep going!
You're pissing me off, Cantrel.  
drives by and yells out the window:  Hey, Audrey!
Audrey turns to look at the car.  Taylor fires three shots.

Flashback to earlier in the day.  Cantrel is playing basketball with some other boys.
One of the players:  Hey!  Yo, Cantrel!  Here comes your boyfriend.
Cantrel:  Shut up, ----.
Another player:  Why you hang with that punk, any way, man?  He's such an idiot.
Someone says:  He's rich, dawg.  He's got all the money.  He pays for everything.  That's why.
The first player:  Like I said, that's his boyfriend.
Taylor walks up to the fence:  Cantrel!  Yo, Cantrel.  What's wrong?
Cantrel:  I thought your dad said you couldn't use his car any more.
Taylor:  Well, we worked it out.  Come on, let's go.

Flash to a six-year-old Cantrel, dressed as an angel with wings on his back.  He's jumping on the bed.
His grandfather, Mr. LaFontaine , is standing nearby:  Cantrel.  Cantrel.
Cantrel:  I can fly!  I can fly!

Cantrel on the ledge of the building.  There's shouting from inside the apartment.    
Flash to Joel:  Put it down.
Another police officer aims his gun at Mr. LaFontaine:  Put your weapon down.  Put your weapon down!
Joel reaches out and knocks the officer's arm up as the gun goes off.

The shot startles Cantrel.  He slips and falls.

In the parking lot at the police station.
Teresa:   Mr. LaFontaine, these two officers are going to take you home.
How are you doing, Sir?
Mr. LaFontaine:   Thank you.  I live at 14...
We know where you live, Sir.
David McNorris walks up to Mr. Cates, Taylor and their attorney:  Hey, fellows!
Aww, no!
David:  Wait up a second.                                                                        
The attorney whispers to Mr. Cates and Taylor.
Richard, I want to talk to your client.
Richard:   He has nothing to say.
That's all right.  I just want him to listen.  The police found the gloves at the mall.  They've already tested positive for gunpowder residue and now, they're at the lab and they're looking for DNA.
Richard:  Are we going to hear a charge, here?
Ohhh, I'm getting to that, Richard.
Richard:   All I'm hearing are ominous threats of evidence that may or may not have any legal validity.
Andrea drives up.
Well, we have ourselves a witness.  She saw your client do it.  It's the other girl you shot.
Andrea walks over to listen.
to Taylor:  Not a word, now.
David:  You see, that's very good advice.  I'd take it.
 I'm surprised.  Where are the cameras?  I can't see you making a big bust without cameras.
David:   You know, I thought about that, Dick.  But, with everyone running around and asking questions, we wouldn't be able to!
Richard:  Hear what?
 Sh-sh-sh...listen.  You hear that?  That swirling sound?  That's all of young Taylor's hopes and dreams and aspirations just spiraling round and round and - whoosh - right down the drain.  Detective.
Joel steps forward and handcuffs Taylor:   Taylor Cates, you're under arrest for the murder of Audrey Darnell and the attempted murder of Grace Adams.  You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.
walks over to Andrea:  What do ya know?  You've got yourself another story.
Andrea:  Well, what do you know?  So did you.
David walks over to where Mr. LaFontaine is standing with Tom, Ray and Teresa.
Come on, Tom.  We better "whoosh" out of here.
Tom opens the back door of the car:  Okay, Sir.
Mr. LaFontaine?
David and Mr. LaFontaine stare at each other silently.  Then, Mr. LaFontaine gets in the car and David walks away.
Put the belt over your shoulder, Sir.

Mr. LaFontaine standing on the overpass looking down at the LA River:  
Not quite the Ganges, is it?   Not really a river any more. Used to flood like a son of a bitch back when I was a boy.   They paved it all over in the 50's.  That's all we got - it'll have to do.
Joel and Fearless are standing behind him.
Joel:  Sir, would you like to be alone?
Mr. LaFontaine:  
I've been trying to think of a prayer...but I'm coming up blank.  It's been a long time. got any?
Joel:  No.  No, I'm all out.
Mr. LaFontaine:  
How about you?
Fearless:  I don't have any prayers.  But, I do have a story.                  
Mr. LaFontaine:
Fearless:  There was this wave way out on the ocean and the wave was just racing along having a great time.  Sunlight glistening and spray just flying!  Until one day, he looked ahead and he saw wave after wave in front of him crashing on the beach and he got scared.  And this older wave in front of him said, 'I know exactly what your problem is.  You've been having so much fun being a wave that you forgot you're really just part of the ocean'.
Mr. LaFontaine chuckles:  I like that...a part of the ocean.  Okay, River, take my grandson home.  (He empties Cantrel's ashes into the concrete drainage ditch known as the L.A. River.)